Saturday, 7 August 2010

The Ecuador Trip: Prices

A friend called David rang me the other day and has said he is seriously interested in coming to Ecuador

He has a connection to the Enchantments and has said that he would also like to go because it is a part of the world he has never been to. The two components will come together to make a synthesis, the content and the place will create something unforgettable for us.

I have some interest from people from USA, Canada, South America, Hong Kong, England, and possibly other Europeans and may be able to get the odd person from Vilcabamba itself.
A few people are asking me about costs, I am still working on that but here is how it is shaping up.

The price of the course is 270 GB pounds US $430, HK $3,350
The Accommodation for 14 nights is around 200 GB pounds, US $300, HK$2,300
The internal flight return with taxi is around 200 GBP,US $300, HK$ 2,300
The Flight to Ecuador, is easy from the States, from HK, we go via Europe.
The price from London might be as much as 920 GBP, although I have seen flights from 500 GB pounds, so we will all need to shop around for that.

The course fee I have kept modest as possible, I am not in this for profit, just to pay me enough to get there and function at my best. Nine participants will get me there, more than that I can trim my fee, if Carey does not come.

The accommodation is good value, beautiful artistic, an amazing energy as it is created with the intent totally in resonance with what I and hopefully you want to do.

The cost of the main flight from London... Whoa, I hear you say, yes the big cost is getting from Europe to South America.

Staggering, I know, the base fare is around GBP 520; the tax & fuel surcharge is nearly GBP 400, CLUNK.. (arse!.. hopefully we can trim that.
So this is not the easiest place in the world to get to, but the beauty and the energy of Vilcabamba and in particular Monseuntos is so right for this experience at this time in the elad up to 2012.

I believe that everyone that has shown an interest in this could get the money if they desired to come, if it was truly worth it for them, if you really want to come...

So go back up your original excitement for a moment…

Ecuador and its exotica, the beautiful Monseuntos, the enigma of Brian perhaps, the walking and a horse trek maybe, restaurants and holiday mood with a group of interesting, really interesting people…and then the course and the content, the stars and enjoying each others company under the stars

Justify the money Mr Lucas

Okay, I will,

For those who would find it a challenge to warrant this money, I am committed to really giving you plenty of resources to expand your whole perspective on the reality in the world today.

So I am putting myself on the line, that’s the way it has to be
These times are full of financial reasons why we should be modest, reserved and not go out of the box provided. I truly believe that this is the perfect time for personal innovation and breakthroughs, this exactly the time to grab life by the short ‘n’ curlies and say “hey baby, I am here and I am alive, and I am kicking, bring it on”, any doubts, just listen to Sash>

...or words to that effect.

I have set up a community site, only accessible by The Ecuador Enchanters, that will have the course structure, the online prep course (free) is reading, watching some video to the degree you are able and want to and posting comments or longer pieces if you so desire and sending in links that are relevant to any particular section. I will start that in January.

The whole experience is going to give you a lot more than a course; I intend to facilitate a unique event, I am not using that word flippantly. I will also give you this online resource and community site for 3 months before hand.

I will layer the site, so that there is a basic 101 intro to each section, mirroring the structure of our time in Ecuador.
Then there will also be a deeper level of enquiry for those who can and are willing.

Here is another Ecuador Music Video


and also a seven minute Ecuador sampler

More structured information will be here by about Wednesday next week.

Stay with me, on this….

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