Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Enchantments of Life '2.0'

Here is an overview and reminder of the basic map we will be utilizing, understanding and experiencing on the Ecuador trip.

The evolutionary adventure of consciousness, towards more complexity, becoming more conscious, more intimate with larger scale of life. The expanding landscape of the psyche.

Enchantment: Self;
Quality and imperative
Membership, expanding consciousness by increasing in complexity as we evolve.

Dark Sun
: Mythos;
Falling into the dream within the dream;
An extrapolation of consciousness from the eternal dreams of divinity—the souls journey into matter
Unconscious union with cosmos

Earth: Instinctive;
Smooth consciousness merging with senses and with flickering moments as undecipherable dreams, objects and living things appear out of nowhere;
Embedded in nature, unconscious membership with Earth

Moon: Dreamtime self;
Ebbing and flowing awareness seeking safety, comfort and warmth;
Embedded in clan embedded in magical nature and cosmos

Mars: Impulsive Self-the Id;
Hot surges, seeking to ‘have it’ now, satiation;
The Self is now emerging within a power dominated tribe and marauding-tribalistic environment within the wildly chaotic jungle of unknown powers of sorcery and magical nature

: Role Playing self;
Attention zooms into the grain of sand, totem or totem toy and finds the universe it is creating, seeking self protection and pleasure from others; shamanic, ancestral and early farming Goddess village as a whole universe unto itself in the continuously seasonal cyclic reality

Jupiter; Mythic Self;
Yearning, as attention expands out in all directions seeking epic vision, adventure and the rush of the awesome;
Heroes create the universe—empires, theocracies and mafias of various scales of mythic membership competing with other mythic societies, includes advanced Goddess cultures

Saturn; Citizen;
Self censoring as attention constantly seeking reassurance, order, absolute morality, ever lasting peace of mind, release from guilt, to mend and secure the imperfect world, saving up for future reward in heaven and looking to authority; belonging in fixed family unit, in citystate, in early nation states, in clear cut cultural structure within a pyramidal cosmos with supreme godhead that has bestowed the truth upon it, object and subject

Uranus; External and materially expressive self;
Seeking winning strategies, successful alliances, sensual satisfaction, adrenalin peaks of excitement and melodrama, fun, lightness, wit, a sharp edge, new tastes of life, cutting edge novelty in the fast lane culture, looking to win the game of life;
Cool crowd within corporatized nation states within international market economy within the modern world within the random and material universe

: Soulful Joining Self;
Seeking bliss, depth, humanitarianism, peaceful and loving agreement, sensitivity, empathy, authentic soul, healing, to feel wholly connected and to feel self is working to bring a world of equality;
Connected feeling to soul groups within global rainbow tribe within the unified cosmic ocean—a connected osmoic field of consciousness and energy

: Systemic Expressive Self;
Seeking enjoyment of changing emergent reality and to express self, freedom from compunction or obligation, to respond, resolve paradoxes, play the game of life to keep it going, to give to others without undue sacrifice, to improve life where possible and facilitate others, innovative novelty, spontaneity and the refreshment of connections with people, higher expression of instinctive self
Membership is an oscillation of isolation and expanding interdependence within the chaotic living complex systems of relationship, family, friends, all interpenetrating each other within the whole human species and natural Earth within the evolving holonomic living life fields of existence

Chiron: Integrated Self;
Experiencing the wonder of wholeness with dynamic fractures, seeking direct experience of living consciousness, enjoy the mystery of the union with the totality of life on earth, opening to the mysteries of the cosmos and complex magical nature of reality, existential intimacy, higher expression of Dreamtime self
Belonging is found within cascading and kaleidoscopic relationships within whole Earth System within Life on the grandest scale that shrinks to the immediacy of each moment. Self recognizes consciousness is ubiquitous.

Coral, Teal Enchantments and Beyond, The Future suggests various stages of trans-human self and Extra terrestrial communities involved in creation.

I will be posting more information tomorrow on the course and trip structure.

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