Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Breaking Out of the Reality Tunnel

Ecuador: if you did not see yesterday's post, have a look below as I present the first basic layout of the schedule of the course.

New Landscapes of Opportunity

It is really good to break out of our reality tunnel; it expands our perception of life, refreshes us, helps us appreciate and see the opportunities inherent within our life.

Habits tend to narrow down our awareness and our options after a while, as our focus attracts more of the same self-perpetuating events, opinions and limiting choices.

Admittedly, it is necessary to have routine to create some stability, but every so often we really need to get out of the inhibitory comfort zone. It does require effort and faith to overcome the practical reasons, normally financial, that say we cannot do something and carry on as before.

If you feel you really need to break out of the reality tunnel, then please consider coming with me to Ecuador. Part of the course is about learning the energy practice I do, which enables you to shift the assemblage point of the perceptional field, something akin to the Carlos Casteneda's Toltec magical passes.

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  1. I have added more to The Enchantments of Life page, at the bottom you will see a section on the Golden Age.