Monday, 8 August 2016

We See the Problem

The solution, as I see it, is to firstly remind, encourage, reinforce and inspire people with the truth of spiritual sovereignty.

There is a minority but none the less significant percentage of people who can conceive of this truth.

However as the environment does not feed this level of consciousness, not many of them can retain the memory, they simply forget as soon as they re-enter the environment.

Therefore there has to be an active support system, that can only be implemented in small groups, not large scale movements.

All large scale movements, as is plainly evident decay into pyramidal systems.

The cultivation of radical sovereignty, requires individuals who do not project too much power.

Those who would support sovereignty have a degree of mastery in a specific area but are not sitting on their laurels.

The environment is too dynamic for it to have been mastered.

The illusion of universal mastery is a bubble that needs popping, because it destroys sovereignty.

Leadership is now in the hands of those who are openly diligent, flexible, fluid and can retain the enthusiasm of constant rediscovery in the flux transition we see all around us.

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