Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The New Landscape 3

Augmented reality sandbox

The world will be switched off and rebooted, so make sure you upgrade your psychic operating system.  The eclipse will begin at 06:13 UTC on September 1, 2016. The maximum point will take place after 09:01 GMT, and the annularity will last for 3 minutes and 6 seconds. 

Partial eclipse begins:

06:13:08 UT
Annular eclipse begins: 07:17:50 UT
Maximum eclipse: 09:06:54 UT
Annular eclipse ends: 10:55:54 UT
Partial eclipse ends: 12:00:40 UT

Showing visibility, but eclipses affect us all

Go quiet within the approximate time frame and issue a command for an upgrade of your energy The human world will carry on functioning, but the energy behind it will have changed. I am talking about the eclipse which aspects Saturn square Neptune, so use your imagination to envisage the seeming solidity dissolving. Inform the anxious self, that things are okay the world is wobbling a little and it is just time for a new opinion on reality. what is on offer is a chance to find new information by reading between the lines.

Get ready to work with others…the new landscape will offer new types of partnering, it will be time to reach out again. Octobers new moon will make this more obvious with Jupiter conjunct, in its new sign of Libra.

The substance of time-space is changing, mutating in some way, we are in the timeline choice.

The trajectory of the timeline into the far off future is linked with the upcoming confirmations of Planet 9 and whatever else is out there, coming from the direction of Orion and suggesting to me a greater involvement from the atlantean genetic overlords-gods. A chance to renegotiate the genetic contract.

Atlantis has re-emerged in the last 16 years with the discovery of more and more sophisticated sites that point back to circa 10,000 bce. Add to that the human-animal hybridization, advanced robotics and science fiction technological developments (including the secret space program) we can see that the atlantean science is now with us. Every day we can find some convincing film showing vortex driven craft (aka UFOs) the secret space program has been verified. The futuristic quasi-magical interface between consciousness and technology is here, just not officially confirmed.

The ageing program is being reviewed with fabulous looking 70 years olds, increasing accounts of people living, 140, 170 and 256 years all surfacing.

Carmen 85 years old

Although the extreme aspects of the reality potentials will not touch us all directly, or not for some time they do all point to the fact that we really can unhook at least by an increment from the severity of the fear based frequency box. There is no centrally organized large scale movement that expresses the new landscape. By its very nature it is a decentralized morphing plasma field of interconnected consciousness, which is ultimately unverifiable in the absolute by scientific instruments and documentation, but verified by perception, consciousness and trans-rational appraisal of the world we walk in.

The new landscape is a subtle background frequency that responds to small scale originality and the use of new intent, commands and agreements.


Reading between the lines; Jupiter conjunct Mercury retrograde aspect to 150 degrees to Cygnus X-3  at the 28th degree of Aquarius which we are about to receive a gamma-ray emissionfrom.

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