Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The New Landscape

Following on from my last post concerning the timeline changes and the newly emerging landscape

The border between the Real and the Unreal is not fixed, but just marks the last place where rival gangs of shamans fought each other to a standstill      Robert Anton Wilson

This quote by Robert Anton Wilson, seems wholly appropriate to the world today and is one of my favourite quotes. I would also add that reality is an inadvertent contract.

The two links at the bottom of the page are analyzing Zbigniew Brzezinski’s April article Toward a Global Realignment , where he recognizes that the USA (and allies) have to adjust their agenda.

The delicate balance of power between USA and Russia-China with their nervous uncommitted associates is good news for us all. The hegemony game is not over exactly as the game continues with the ‘environmental’ project, beyond that it moves to the next level with the integrated global internet, however the emergence of a Matrix-Skynet scenario increasingly opens the door to the planetary theatre in the 2020s. The question then becomes who owns the human genome, and the shadow of the gods and their claim to us because of their genetic contribution. The tribal competition will continue.

Back to now, geopolitically things are of course fragile, but I feel that the two tribes are bashing up against each other.

I would suggest this music video helps to dispel the actuality of WW3, irreverence has power.

The Fat Lady Sings


also bigger picture a anyalsis

Mr Putin and Russia

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