Thursday, 11 August 2016

Learn in Order, to Unlearn

My shamanic course is structured by layers.

Starting off with relative simplicity and then in later stages including great complexity.

We use simple ritual and encourage personal creativity to embellish the techniques and tools for carving pathways through the psychological self to form the bridge to the pure experience of shamanism.

Throughout our personal development all ritual, routine, technique, tools and concepts are periodically cleansed and dropped and later in life our soul seeks to clear it all, all of our history, all of our knowledge.

As we develop, we internalize systems and they become part of our natural functioning, available when needed without effort.

One day the human species will internalize the internet and move into the post technological space.

We might be tempted to move directly to the empty space and this works if you totally step off the world, releasing all needs. Many people do it partially, they stop learning, but the problem is that if we leave too much un-examined, do not understand time, space and the enchanting nature of the world, we have too many blind spots and can get hooked into the worldly story without even realizing it.

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