Sunday, 14 August 2016

Future Trajectory, the Road Ahead Opens Up

Noosphere by Tatiana Plakhova my favourite Artist see more here

Today is 10 Good Road in the Tzolkin

The manifestation of Foredawn, is the timeline now set in the subconscious dream realms? Has a major contextual bifurcation occurred in time, that although not creating a fixed fate, may have sculpted a dominant trajectory for our species? 

I was with friends last night, and my friend 8 Deer was telling me about a sudden panic among Hong Kong companies to get on board with augmented and virtual reality, presumably triggered by the Pokemon Go craze.

Earlier this week I saw this story on Wired about a start-up Magic Leap creating superimposed virtual realities and I returned once again to the Pluto in Aquarius theme.

Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2045
Pluto in Aquarius promises us the tipping point effect of a saturated augmented virtual reality internet integrated with objects and environments. Potentially all of this will be connected globally via satellite, changing the locus of control to an off world assemblage.

The effect of this Pholus frequency emergence on consciousness is that reality itself becomes increasingly virtual.  There will be an increasing transparency of the self-virtual temporary identities, a dreamlike environment and dislocation from the material. It will not be an information environment, this is a dreamscape seeking emergence.

On the negative end of the Spectrum we have the possible full realization of the Dystopian Matrix, on the positive end of the spectrum we have an opportunity for the freedom of consciousness.
The likely outcome will be somewhere between these two poles. On one hand technology is a major catalyst for the transformation of consciousness and the other hand the human psyche is disconnected from the body, nature and the soul.

I saw most of this from my energy field shamanic practices from around 1997. External tools, such as computers allow the human to reclaim the corresponding ability within the soul, with the evolution of consciousness the objective reality is encompassed within the subjective realm, ie the internet is a training tool for the psychic net.

Technology primes (gives permission to) our psychological self, our imagination and our perceptional field to be able access other dimensional realms of energy and consciousness. The more virtual the reality the more reality can be created by higher dimensional consciousness…you can imagine various scenarios of how this might play out.

Entertainment and Information an Empty promise without Pro-active Consciousness Growth

What interests me now and has done since the 1990s is the development of post technological shamanism. I was shown this and experienced it directly through shamanic exploration

The holographic energy field connected to body, time-space and the soul inherently contains all of the emerging technologies with the essential factor of the psyche retaining sovereignty.

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