Monday, 29 August 2016

The Timeline Changes and Choices Update

I have written extensively on MCC about the Timeline shift, I started to explore the subject in February 2015. I have recently seen a few people writing about their own sense of a timeline change, timeline split or similar

It is happening, we are in it.

I suggest that the timeline changes occurring are all part of the 2012 effect as the alignment with the galactic equator as described by John Major Jenkins has now ended, we are in new territory.

 The multi-dimensional control system has been well and truly exposed, whistle blowers, conspiracy researchers and most of all by sovereign individuals who are conscious and not hooked into populist paradigms.

The most popular alternative channels and whistle blowers appeal to so many because they either stir up rage or offer easy salvation. The promise of salvation is very popular and this is a major clue, as the collective salvation meme, switches off awareness.

The way forward seems to be about being present, doing our thing, being ourselves and unhooking from the matrix of control, unhooking from all of the political and social narratives, race, religion and gender issues which are clearly being engineered to stir up polarity.

The power for a more conscious positive change, is not in anything centralized, it is fringe, low key, decentralized, sovereign individuals, intimate collectives, because the nature of the more benevolent energy emerging is dynamic, decentralized, organic, shifting, expressive, non cliched and fresh.

Pokeman GO for example is not it. Populist paradigms have become so dumb and boring, because they are easy vehicles for social engineers. I am bored at having to write that down, that is how boring the media dialogue has become. However as dull as it is, we can navigate and enjoy social environments by following the new pulse. I feel that many people are very responsive, not the mass, but many people you encounter in a more intimate manner.

So, the good news is we are in new territory, time to explore the terrain by listening attentively and assiduously to your own instincts and intuitions, that feel that bit freer.

What is arising in you that is fresh, that feels new, unencumbered by divisive cliches, whatever it is have the courage to follow it.

Be sensitive to the new energy, it is a bit quieter, calmer, positive in a sober way, creative, more present...

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