Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Door Opening as we Move from Summer to Autumn..........Part Two (Projects and New Initiatives)

Hold that Eagle and be ready

The New Moon in Libra in October heralds a new gateway for and into society, as it will be conjunct Jupiter in its new sign of Libra, with themes of expanded, polarized and energized relationships and social interactions.

In September we have two eclipses, bringing in adjustments and reboots, Mercury is retrograde until 22nd with the Autumn Equinox a time of harvesting your wisdom, then Pluto goes forward on the 26th after being retrograde since 18 April, so deeper inner changes since then now start to unfold as external change.Then a period of integration for a few days before the New Moon on October 1st, a new emotional cycle, which heavily effects the cycle of social mood.

Looking at the Mayan Timewaves we can ascertain a process for all projects.

Warrior Timewave find your truth and ask for forgiveness from the source for the unavoidable problems this creates for others (from today)

Water Timewave Connect to source, cleanse, purify your project, feel your gratitude and allow yourself to feel the energy of your new project.

Wind Timewave starting 13th September, formulate the information and message for the project, be open to last minute adjustments due to synchronistic messages.

Eagle Timewave from 26th September The Vision manifests and you let it fly after the new moon, seeking money and rewards. Monday 3rd is a commitment to the message you wish to convey to others. Do it!

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