Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The Door Opening as we Move from Summer to Autumn

An email from a friend pushed me into looking at an upcoming alignment of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter

Hi Laurence, I understand that an alignment of planets is to take place on the 25th Aug to early September, the likes of which hasn't been seen since 1940.

I wondered what you might be picking up?

More here  http://earthsky.org/

Venus and Jupiter and Mercury will be visible and very close with Venus and Jupiter merging, this is not so unusual but it does feel good and it is lovely to see. With Mercury in close attendance there is more power to this conjunction, suggesting a message, a teaching or important information will be delivered.  Jupiter and Venus did the same thing last summer.

So bearing in mind this might not be a super significant event I will give a quick appraisal of the energy. Venus and Jupiter together bring a surge of good energy and optimism, I remember that from last year. This can be easily spent indulgently, or you can enjoy the feeling but stay conscious.
Key Symbolism found in the three planets positions: power and authority with beauty and harmony.
The alignment takes place in the peak of The Vulture Timewave in the Mayan Calendar, linking in with higher authority and teachers.

More Symbolism An authoritative charismatic teacher, a master appears from an ancient society, or institution, and reveals secret knowledge. 

The conjunction is a seed point that points towards the near future emergence of strong leadership founded on real knowledge.
This can manifest in various ways positively and negatively (as a deceptive character), but generally speaking it is a great benefic energy, abundant, generous and harmonious.  Jupiter and Venus also alludes to parties, luxury, pleasure, falling in love or… falling prey to lavish charm. 

The Venus-Jupiter cycle, is 399 days approximately, ie every 399 days the two come together, not always at the same longitude ie not always merging.  The half way point of the cycle in May 2017 will be the flowering of this next cycle when the planets are opposite each other , so the full extent of the theme not be obvious until next year.

Looking further into this end of summer period we notice that the alignment takes places very close to the end of the moon cycle. The next moon cycle begins with an Eclipse on 1st September and although Venus has moved off a bit by 4 degrees, Mercury is now retrograde and in an exact conjunction with Jupiter at the 29th degree of Virgo, A Man Gaining secret Knowledge from a Paper He is Reading, that symbol sits very comfortably with Mercury retrograde powered by Jupiter…Secret Knowledge, powerful knowledge, important information, deeper meaning, occult knowledge or spiritual knowledge.

The Eclipse (an eclipse is on/off reboot of reality) is at the 10th degree of Virgo, Two Heads Looking Out Beyond the Shadows, seeing both sides of an issue and seeing beyond and behind appearances and the importance of gaining a second opinion, someone else’s perspective. Just to add emphasis it is also 2 Dog in the Tzolkin on the 1st, so yes! get a second opinion from someone you trust.

Jupiter moves into Libra, changing the flavour of social energies on 9 September and increasing debate, differences and social interaction, potentially creating more social harmony. 

The Node is at 13th degree of Virgo throughout most of this period A Strong Hand Supplanting Political Hysteria (hmm), positively clearing up social disorder and confusion.
The overall message for me seems to be that it is  a time for taking control of life from the basis of real knowledge and a position of a positive abundant state of consciousness.

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter prior to the Venus-Jupiter merge on August 21 and the Sun returns here (within 1 degree) Flag at Half Mast theme of respect and reputation for the Full Moon penumbral eclipse on 16 September with Moon conjunct Chiron Purging the Priesthood.

So the leader or in your own personal situation your confidence in taking control of your life also requires wisdom and humility, do not fake your position, find authentic confidence and ride that.
August is a relaxed month, a time for holidays and pleasure, this coming period is a good time to enjoy holiday season and feel refreshed and see if you can find a deep positive will to move forward in your life with genuine confidence this September. Just have some sobriety , stay balanced ie do not be a flaky positive bunny rabbit, but find the quiet reserved confidence of your wisest self. When we are relaxed we can easily gain fresh insights and inspiration. Holidays are great for change, if you hook into the essential element of your insights. Take time out and then take note.

If you can find that refreshment and fresh perspective within you, then start to take your life to a new level this autumn.

If you seriously want to capitalize on this opening, then log and follow the changes of energy from August 21 to September 16, write them down and learn directly from the qualities of each moment. 

An Important Point

The visible merging conjunction of Jupiter and Venus with Mercury close by around August 27, followed by an Eclipse might not have such a huge effect, it is not a radical change, it is one of many interesting alignments that occur fairly regularly. New Age channels get really excited all the time and then tend to wait and hope with ungrounded expectation and so it is that people feel very cynical about the astrological events that pop up on social media. The end of August-mid September period is an opportunity for those that make it so, the energy supports a change if you engage with the unfolding flow of energies. The symbolism is fairly clear and straightforward and energy is there for you, if you access it. 

Process it and work with it!

I have written this with myself in mind and will take my own advice and will share my new course after Mercury has started to go forward and the Sun is conjunct Jupiter around 26 September which is Eagle 1 in the Tzolkin.

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