Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Reclamation and The Retrograde Window July 26

Timeline Changes and Choices Continued

 ‘tis the summer of our discontent’ and/or the summer of release and reclamation

There is a very interesting window of a few days from July 26 until August 2/3 when the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron are all retrograde, as well as Venus. The inclusion of Uranus's retrograde means that all of the outer planets will be retro. The outer planets reflect the collective energy.

 On August 2nd/3rd Saturn will turn direct again.

The week starting July 26 will be a time of subtle energy reversal, spiritual and consciousness renewal, an important time to slow down and allow your feelings to take you where they want to go, to surrender and release a sense of external momentum. Ancient and archaic energies, old emotions, forgotten feelings and headspaces will emerge for integration and release, with an opportunity for reconnection to spiritual assets. Reclamation of important perspectives will surface, if you do not fight the backward pull. 

There may be some emotional disturbances, confusion and turmoil but this energy can pass quickly as you sink deeper into the vortex. The whole emphasis is to connect to the more subtle energy and to not to get locked into and stuck in old personality and ego issues. This retro period also emphasizes the need to get in touch with a larger reality, to be able to access larger concerns, beyond our own locality and yet access is through our own psyches. 

If you remember the Spring Equinox this year came with an eclipse, this is yet another indicator of the Earth’s energy resetting itself this year. The Spring Equinox is an ignition of fire, which was dampened down this year with the eclipse, highlighting the importance of reconsidering our world at this juncture, in accord with the timeline change.

The overall feeling will be to withdraw. Through personal contemplation or intuition you can access and energetically influence the collective environment. There will be an incremental energy recalibration  going on, completely invisible to the world. I suggest that hidden and unknown reversals of energy will be catalyzed that will start to unfold as the planets turn direct, first Saturn 2 August, then, Venus, more importantly Pluto 25 September, Neptune 18 November and finally Chiron and Uranus in December. 

We are in a protracted and ongoing process of change, so we need to stay engaged and keep reclaiming the soul.

Jupiter moves into Virgo on 11 August and then as we proceed into September the need to work hard and stay positive, ethical and attentive to details becomes important. If you have creative projects this is a good time to dig deep into your resolve to push forward with determination, even if the energy is sluggish. As we move into October energy for effective action increases as Mars joins Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto is moving forward.

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