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Timeline Changes and Choices: The Emergence of Neptune Enchantment and the Changing Environment

Come into Alignment with the Evolutionary Impulse....


This piece is written for those who have some background in The Enchantments of Life developmental model of evolution.

The main focus for the United Nations in 2015 is the Earth’s environment all of the nations of the world are being called to agree upon a new global body to oversee our society, in order to protect the environment.

The most significant life form within the Earth’s environment would seem to be the human species. If that is correct, then it is important to look at the current state of our species. An important factor to consider is that our species is undergoing an evolutionary change, a marked change in its consciousness.

As I have argued in earlier posts if we are serious about what is happening to our Earth, then we need to take systemic approach, we have to look at the whole planet as a living complex system. We should perhaps firstly understand what is happening to us. Start with the human.

Planetary Frequencies

Neptune is presently retrograde in Pisces until November, moving from nine degrees, back to seven degrees of Pisces.

The retrograde Neptune heightens the psychic sensitivity and intuitive feelings.  Effectively the Neptune effect is more pronounced for us all and feels more personal when the planet is retrograde. The boundary between the ego-personality and the soul dissolves. The mind is infused with the heart and this leads to the mind led ego urge to envelope all of reality, all of existence, the material and the spiritual in a cohesive whole. However reality dissolves and reformulates, ebbs and flows a lot more when Neptune is retrograde.

Over this year if you have planets in early Pisces or other planets aspected by Neptune, there is more of a call to tune in, with the often bewildering, yet enriching depth of intuitive soulful feeling and its concomitant emotional flux. You have to look at your personal astrology chart to see how and where it affects you. The mind will be resistant, but there is a need during this pivotal period to recognize where it is you need to let go and surrender, where is it you need to open to the oceanic surges from the soul. Step into areas of the unknown. In the months ahead it is time to reset the imagination, open up and expand your vision beyond the mainstream rhetoric.

So I would like to help you open up the imagination. Everything that comes to be, comes through the imagination, it is our primary creative faculty.

The Outgoing Dominance of Uranus Enchantment

Uranus is the detached mind, it has brought in the ego’s ability to break free from the restriction of the physical body and physical reality, it has fully implemented the disconnect from nature (initiated by Saturn) which was needed for ego development. The result is the modern mind, the rational based linear thinking process dominated by the left brain. It is from this development that we have gained a sense of reality being quantifiable, of being able to isolate the parts, the particulate. Paradoxically, it has brought the rise of materialistic thinking. We are actually more disconnected from natural matter, yet more able to observe nature, matter, the body. Our materialistic society is based on observation of matter not immersion in matter, big difference. This is why matter is thought of as being lacking in consciousness. The cost of course is that we live more in our minds than in our bodies in our modern world. The rational perspective leads us to believe in the absolute reality of existence as being something permanent, solid, reliable and quantifiable.

Science as we know it, is an approximation of reality, it is useful perspective that has enabled us to expand our awareness of the surface and  has widened our perspective on the surface and yet has meant we have lost the depth of immersion, direct experience and connection to life. Yet Uranus Enchantment has enabled us to evolve ,up to now.

Evolution works this way, development is non linear, we gain much with each level of development yet there is a loss that comes with that. In order to expand awareness there is a temporary evolutionary repression of consciousness in one area.  

The Uranus frequency is now in decline, as the Neptune frequency slowly starts to emerge. When will the Neptune frequency dominate? How long will it take for human society to shift from a centre of gravity in Uranus Enchantment to a centre of gravity in Neptune Enchantment? This is an evolutionary scale transformation of human society and is therefore almost impossible to say how long it will take. However it is inextricably conjoined with the aspect of our environmental instability that is manmade and the subsequent environmental solution.

Neptune Emerging

Neptune increases our connection to reality. Reality is not as clear cut as our rational minds would lead us to believe. Our own sense of separate and centralized self, is somewhat illusory, our sense of permanent self is also somewhat illusory. In truth there is a constant growth, erosion and absorbance of energy and consciousness that comprises our personal identity. Our sub-personalities dance in and out of our identification. Our beliefs, perceptions and desires dance, flow and shift around. This is generally more comfortable for women than men. 

 Neptune was officially discovered in 1846 at 25.53 in Aquarius, when it was retrograde
Neptune’s first orbital return was March 2009-November 2010, this coincided with conjunctions with Jupiter and Chiron. A triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune around the 26th degree of Aquarius.

As I foresaw when writing The 21st Century Book of the Dead, this period saw the establishment of online communities. I had not envisaged the exact manner of online communities back in 2000.
The period of 2009--2010 was the full emergence of online social media networking, osmotic communal communication where we are not limited to a gated community but an ever flowing, ever shifting matrix of connectivity to our friends, contact and strangers. The ground of online social networking is forever in flux. Most obviously manifest as Facebook, You Tube and twitter, the exposure to news, ideas and perspectives has increased dramatically. 

If you look at the comments under most you tube videos, say for example ones that focus on the environment, you will find that the nature of the conversation is confrontational, argumentative, emotional and quite quickly descends into childish name calling.  We live at a time when our emotional reactive thoughts and our emotional positions are instantly thrown into a swirling pot of disagreement. It would seem that the fundamental agreement on the nature of our reality is up for grabs. Reality is in a flux state, for we are in transition from one culture to another.

The new social environment is decentralized, truth is impermanent, illusive and relative. Governments can no longer control our hearts and minds through clear direct authority, they have to use threat (throw a tantrum, threaten violence) and they have to join in the game of the online turbulent global community.

They often have to veil their presence, and try to manipulate on a more intimate and local level. This is increasing the strain on all of the secret services as they employ an ever increasing number of mundane agents to undermine, spread disinformation and create confusion and trouble.
Because the authorities are now fully immersed in the global online social network we call the internet, the energy being fuelled into the competition for truth is greatly increased. 

Confusion and flux rule the day. This is actually quite good news, strange as it may sound. Although our sense of security is undermined by the shifting ground, we are learning collectively to expand into a much larger psychological landscape that is incrementally more encompassing of the true enchanting nature of existence.

Absolute truth is now ungraspable, in exactitude. New higher truths though can be felt and perceived, even though easy conclusions cannot be drawn, generalized conclusions can be seen. And the new generic conclusion to our total human experience, history, our future and our present situation is that we are moving into an extraordinarily larger psychological environment. The truths of 20th century based materialistic mainstream consensual belief are out of date, non applicable. The terrain is uncertain because it is growing exponentially.

This degree of uncertainty has plagued the environmental debate and the various theories that have been put forward. I should also say at this point that as far as I can see all of the theories are very selective, because there is a whole range of factors that are too mysterious for the simple debate being proffered. Such as the sinkholes, weird animal migrations, isolated mass deaths of flocks of birds and clouds of insects, the eerie sounds that have been heard around the world, the sudden emergence of a third Van Allen Radiation Belt. 

This speaks to me of electro-magnetic energy changes allied to the influx of  high energy plasma. One thing is for sure, the science is  inadequate and superficial. To evaluate the condition of the whole earth, just on the physical level is a massive undertaking, it would have to be the biggest scientific project of all time, well that has not happened, is not happening. 

Let us proceed by trying to understand the contemporary human condition brought about by the slippery informational environment of the internet that we largely inhabit, for it is this window that the physical ecological environment is being viewed through.

Life on Mars?        

This is not a huge story and it would seem to be dislocated from the environmental issue, but if you have the patience, I will show how it is connected…

What has surfaced on my facebook wall today is yet another anomalous photograph from Mars.
The Daily Mail published this story on the 23rd at 19.07 GMT

'Alien hunters discover a 'PYRAMID' on Mars and claim the 'near-perfect' structure was built by an ancient civilisation'

In their latest bizarre claim, conspiracy theorists say they have found a replica of one of Egypt's Great Pyramids on Mars.

‘In their latest bizarre claim, conspiracy theorists say they have found a replica of one of Egypt's Great Pyramids on Mars. Citing the 'near-perfect design and shape', they say the pyramid could be evidence that an ancient civilisation once lived on the red planet’ Daily Mail text under the photograph

We can see that the word Bizarre is emphasized, emotive trigger words such as alien hunters, and conspiracy theorists, prime the conformist part of self, (which is emotional based not rational) with the idea that this story, this perspective, is not true.

The video presentation is in fact quite bizarre due to the unfortunate fact the person posting it has one of those awful electronic voices.

But what of the evidence? Well, it is pretty interesting it looks as if there is an artificially created artifact on Mars. In of itself this is certainly not conclusive. But the idea that there could have been a civilization on Mars is not really bizarre, why not, maybe? 

If this is the whole story and the only evidence we have the rational approach could be to leave it at “well maybe, who knows…”

However there is an enormous back story, encoded into ‘alien hunters’, ‘civilizations on Mars’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’. 

The Mars aspect of the story gets interesting in 1976 (Chiron Frequency emerging) when the Viking 1 Orbiter took thousands of photographs, the mission intention was to look for signs of life. From these photos an archiver found the now famous Face on Mars and Cydonia Pyramid complex. NASA states that all such photographs are just tricks of the light. Can we believe NASA? Numerous craft have visited Mars now including India’s Mars Orbiter Mission. The result has been an enormous stream of photographs, with a large amount of suggestive images. Images that possibly show life forms, living creatures, forests and buildings! Many of the pictures are not definitive, but some are startling. This then takes us into that psychological space of mystery and confusion. The body of information and videos around the subject of Mars include individuals who purport to have been to Mars on secret missions and they say that yes Mars is occupied by us and by other species.  There are fascinating parallels being drawn between the pyramid builders ( at least 2000 all around the world) of Earth and that of the Martians or Earthlings or should we say humanoids from wherever. 

The comforting approach to this body of information is to either dismiss it as nonsense or just take on wholesale the whole speculative story that Mars is indeed occupied now, by humans and extra-terrestrials and has been involved with us for some time?

So now the story does seem to get more bizarre. If there is any truth to occupation now or in the past on Mars, if so it would mean that NASA and the Government are covering up the truth. We will get to that in a moment.

So this seemingly insignificant news piece in the Daily Mail segues into one of the most emotive and prevalent areas that has emerged into human discourse in the 21st century. Extra-terrestrials and conspiracy and the two go hand in hand, often lumped together with New age spirituality, alternative histories, such as Atlantis, advanced civilizations and the pyramids. If we include alternative healing, shamanism, astrology and the occult we can recognize there is an alternative culture. Although there is a great deal of discordance within the alternative culture, it is nonetheless a burgeoning alternative realm inhabited by a significant percentage of the human population. These different  subjects and issues are scattered through popular culture, in TV drama series, films, newspapers, current affairs and chat shows, it is hard to get away from. Generally the mainstream portrays these areas, especially conspiracy and UFOlogy as belonging to a small minority of dysfunctional adults who struggle to make it in the real world. Considering that the official consensual view is that these areas are so very fringe, why are they given so much airtime? 

Maybe it is because these issues are generating enormous energy and are in fact being considered by a much larger segment of the population than is being espoused. Even if it is only for entertainment or amusement, this ‘weird fringe’ perspective on our reality has now infiltrated the collective human mind. The popular culture spends a lot of energy in denying and undermining the alternative realm.

What can we say about ET and UFOlogy that stays within the realms of the rational?
Not the rationalistic, not belonging to scientism, but based on accumulation of evidence and sound rationality.

The freedom of information act yielded an enormous amount of previously classified papers, that UFOlogists such as Richard Dolan have combed through. Despite the black ink and bureaucratic language, some clear facts emerge. In the declassified papers the agencies state they have been covering up the UFO phenomenon for decades. The nature of the narrative also highlights that the UFO presence is taken very seriously within secret government agencies and the nexus of control for worldwide UFO secrecy is in the ‘States’.

The largest cache of declassified documents were released during the Jimmy Carter presidency, then this happened with the Saturn conjunction with Pluto.

1982 Executive Order limiting the FOIA
Between 1982 and 1995, President Reagan's Executive Order allowed federal agencies to withhold enormous amounts of information under Exemption 1(relating to national security information), claiming it would better protect the country and strengthen national security WIKIPEDIA

This conjunction in 1981/1982 of Saturn and Pluto also brought in  new acts and the monetary policy that saw the Federal reserve take significantly more control over the Dollar, the American economy and ultimately the global economy  (the Dollar being the global reserve). The year 1982 is the beginning of the exponential growth of world debt (61 Trillion Dollars, so enormous as to be meaningless in real terms), this either shows incompetency beyond imagination or it is by design. Either way it emphasizes the fact that the present economic system is finished. 

The half way point of this Saturn/Pluto cycle gave us 9-11 (Saturn opposite Pluto on the USA Ascendant-Descendant) What else? Massive increases in military spending including ‘Reagan’s Star wars’, ie space based weapons, think about that…

(The Saturn/Pluto cycle ends and a new one begins 2019/2020)

…this takes us back to the UFO alien theme. 

The size of the black budget, for special ops is conservatively estimated at around 56 Billion Dollars, this is money that is spent out of reach of official government oversight.

Having read on the UFO subject for over 20 years and having watched hundreds of hours of video, the best of which, in my opinion is eye witness reports and whistleblower testimony, there are some reasonable statements that can be further made about ET and UFOs.

The initial cover-up was benign, the public would have panicked. 

The atom bomb n gained us more attention from other races. The nuclear age affect on the Earth’s space/time field opened up more portals (that is my own theory)

By 1947, alien craft and some of their occupants had been recovered, this is well documented.
At some point in the early 1950s, the UFO agencies broke away from government oversight and the Presidents that took office after this point had no need-to-know authority. The reverse engineering of ET technology projects went into quasi private hands, funded by black budget money and controlled by private corporations. Over the last 50-60 years, the technology has been developed to the extent “we can now send ET home”

Some of the tech breakthroughs have made into our everyday commercial level of technology, some of it is used for the most advanced weaponry and the best of it is kept completely out of either realm. Furthermore deals have been struck with some of the ET visiting species for technology, there is some collaboration. There is a high level of agreement amongst researchers to the above paragraph.
The universe is highly populated, there are many species and types of inter-dimensional beings within the Earth’s field, visiting and inhabiting. Life is everywhere!

I would add that the now archaic view of humankind being at the pinnacle of evolution is laughable. Which does not mean we should see ourselves as insignificant. It has been often said that we are like a young royal species. Extraordinarily rich in DNA or fecund with a diverse cosmic potentiality, due to the many species that have taken part in our biological and consciousness development. The Earth’s diversity of species being evidence of a vastly wide spectrum contribution from many different realms, in setting up Project Earth.

Continuing with my own theory

 As ET enters our space-time field, via time-space travel, they create ripples through the field and this includes the astral planes, leading to an increase in time and space distortions, astral copycat entity manifestation and… well, the general weirdness of incursion by inter-dimensional beings. Our consciousness is being changed by the visitation, ultimately it is an expansion and early days of the emergence of planetary consciousness. Our environment is also changed by the visitations and all manner of ultra-technology which accompanies and springs from the whole manifest, which is destabilizing to some extent space and time fields.

This general environmental flux state enables change. Consciousness is the primary factor, it always was, but now we have the opportunity to recognize the role of consciousness in sculpting the physical conditions more profoundly. The cliché is true, a frequency shift is being attempted by the species. Maybe only 10 per cent of the adult population is cognizant of this over riding truth, but that is enough to change the totality of the living environment that move around within and have our experience within.

And what of the ET technology being developed in secret? This is more than relevant to the environmental issue, with the potential for clean free energy....

The next stage of culture is pre-planetary, as in it is not the full manifest expression of a planetary civilization and this is a sobering reminder  of our evolutionary status. However it is an enormous leap as compared to our materialistic meta-paradigmatic reality, which has served its purpose in our progress of the last 300 years or so.

The next stage of culture will be centred around an assemblage point of the Neptune Enchantment and this will enable a burgeoning Pluto Enchantment minority reality to also grow to some extent. However free thinking may temporarily be frowned upon by a global political correctness around an environmental group mind I hope not, but that is a possibility, that maybe the best we can do at this stage and take on an consensual agreement that has a scientific pretence. It will only be a pretence, an act in the grand performance.

The  evolutionary horse is running towards environmental awareness and humanities relationship with nature and so to this end the dark forces are very much in alignment with the evolutionary impulse. They have jumped on the back of the horse and are looking to steer it.

At another level level more localized community will become more important, local food gardens and a  reconnection to nature. However this will not be a return to the past, as technology, nature and consciousness become more entwined. For example the internet will be everywhere out there. In fact it will not be an internet for too long, not just an outernet, but it  will go through a phase state transition. 

A psychic net is already seeded, it is early days but as the internet reaches the tipping point of saturation with mobile technology and proliferation of terminals, ie embedded in trees etc then it will shift completely out of centralized control. It will become even more of living field of consciousness. Some kind of psychic net will emerge, it will piggy back on the internet.

When? I do not know. However to some extent it will be online when Pluto moves into Aquarius 2023/4 and Chiron’s return in 2027.

The environment of our experience will be exponentially larger, the potentials encompass a reconnection with nature and indigenous consciousness and yet high tech, well, post technological communities where technology is hidden within the natural landscape and merging with it...

The whole way we perceive human nature, our origins and our makeup are being re-visioned, so let us be in alignment with the direction that life is heading.

With all of the incredible information, perceptions, perspectives, available now, even if it is speculative, even if some of it is disinformation, we should not allow our vision to become small. It serves you not, it does not serve the planet.

You may not agree with my own vision, you may find some of it too wild, no matter. The point is that within your own intuition I am sure you sense that humanity is attempting to grow. It may not be that pretty, but if look around I am sure you see special human abilities, that are not being given space to be expressed in this present system.

Your own faculty of imagination combined with your own rational process can easily envisage a future more benevolent, more abundant than the pitiful impoverished view of life that the is envisaged by those embedded in the present system.

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