Monday, 22 June 2015

Timeline Change: Short Compilation of Some of the Relevant Stories

The dynamic nature of energy at the moment means that nothing is fixed, the future is malleable. There is major opposition to the dark agenda and there is a a significant percentage of people who are awakened to the world.  However we are at a crossroads, and so many people are still compliant with the transparently corrupted system. The unsavory truth of how badly corrupted the system is leads us all to seek distraction. To state the obvious, I think it is really important that we all are aware of the dark forces that control all the big organizations and are working with full energy to capture the hearts and minds of humanity.

It will take a few minutes to read through the whole piece below and then you might like to go back through it and click on some of the embedded links. 

The Popes announcement this week (controlling the narrative) is  part of the plan to unite, aka control, human society under the banner of environmentalism (distortion)

The climate instability we are witnessing, has a great deal of correspondence with the energy flux caused by the influx of high energy interstellar plasmas (the 2012 effect) as I wrote about in my 2012 book.  All the planets in the Solar System have been undergoing environmental instability.

However as well as forces beyond human control there is a man made environmental problem, it is called pollution.

The big polluters are oil and the oil industry, war, weapons and the war machine, chemicals and big Pharma, Geo-engineering aka chem-trails and HAARP. To this I would add CERN, an experiment that is taking place in our energy field without the official body of science knowing the consequences. All of this physical pollution works with emotional and consciousness pollution, that is transmitted, via the monopolized media. The cosmic effect may well still be more important that human pollution, but it is the pollution that has to be addressed if we are serious about the environment.

The larger context of cosmic recalibration requires a change of consciousness and energy. 

Relatively free energy is available and even the solar and new brand wind turbine technologies could release us from oil, if there was the will, which starts with a dialogue and systemic vision. The larger issue is consciousness, but the level of consciousness on Earth is still too backward, or distracted from engaging with the issue that the true nature of the Earth is a living organism, that is interlinked with human consciousness. The version of climate change being pushed by the establishment and sanctioned by the church has been shown to be fabricated and distorted and more importantly the solutions put forward do not address the main issues for our planet, because that means dismantling the structure that supports the powers that be.

The Popes announcement is a warm up to the UN climate change ‘meet up’ which has an objective which is ‘to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, from all the nations of the world.’

The United Nations Climate Change Conference, will be held in Paris, France in 2015. The international climate conference will be held at the Le Bourget site from 30 November to 11 December 2015. The conference objective is to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, from all the nations of the world. Leadership of the negotiations is yet to be determined. Wikipedia

When considering the timeline choices there seems to be a basic global polarity?  have a look at this

The new moon 16 June was conjunct Mars and was conjunct the Silver Gate

And it brought with it, in a couple of days…

1. The Pope's big announcement (saying much of what we want to hear, or think we want to hear. controlling the narrative) What else does the Pope support?

2. American presidential candidates announcing BushClinton and Trump!

Complete with rent-a-crowds
3. The Bilderberg Meeting

The timing is perfect all three factors co-ordinated with a powerful new moon conjunct Mars and the Silver Gate. I have seen this happen in the past. The Pope's encyclical was released just after the new moon, it is as if an astrologer had chosen the date. I believe that to be the case, in other words behind this interconnected religious, economic and political complex is an occult agenda.

and also JPMorgan's 2nd in Command  died, unexpectedly.

“Who would have ever thought that working for JPM was more dangerous than cleaning the windows of skyscraper buildings, from the outside” 

He was the latest in a long list

Greece’s Truth Committee on Public Debt released its preliminary findings Wednesday. The committee, established by Greece’s ruling party, said that not only did Greece not have the ability to repay its debt, but that it infringed on the fundamental human rights of Greek residents. The committee concluded that Greece’s debt was “illegal, illegitimate and odious.”

The Global Economic System, as it stands is a Joke

David Cameron as expected has started to attack the people who are struggling financially, a large percentage of the people and not the banks that have stole all the money, why is that? Pretty simple really, is it not. Answer: He works for the entity that the banks are components of.

The American economy is being kept afloat through false manipulation, that seems pretty obvious to many people now, so when will they pull the plug? Are they looking to put on an event, ie a false flag, maybe September?

Crisis actors being hired now?

Sarcasm is considered illegal, do you know where can you get software for detecting sarcasm…

Here is an interesting perspective to end on  

Russia Saves the World from a One World Dictatorship of Bankers and Their Military

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