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Capitalism or Communism, What Should We Have Now?

As we are entering the zone of the timeline change/aka timeline choice I thought I would just quickly release a quick version of my relevant vision in regards to the timeline trajectory issue. It is a stream rather than a crafted piece, the audience is small and I am busy...
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Capitalism or Communism, What Should We Have Now? 


A lack of imagination is being exhibited by the mainstream, by basically presenting these two options as the choices, Sure it is dressed up in intellectual clothing and small variants, but basically that is what I am still hearing...

It is like getting stuck in Darwinism or Religion, or the polarity of Conservatives versus Democrats
Eject the old program, it’s day is done.

The world has changed dramatically with technology in the last couple of decades yet the fundamental social structure is stuck way back in the early and mid 20th century. Money, industry, politics, business and energy are so outdated. 

Obvious to many people yet not those embedded in the old systems. The mainstream intellectuals, the leaders, and the winners cannot see, or will not see… 

And the key is the word ‘system’, we need a systemic change, an everything change.
We are in transition, there is indeed an everything change occurring whether we like it or not, it will take time, but perhaps it is a good idea to start to envisage what a systemic change is going to eventually like? We might as well align with the way things are going.

Capitalism rewards accumulation of money, so money goes to money and eventually, like now money is sucked upwards, not dripping down (self evident). And then corruption is endemic (self evident)
Capitalism and communism eventually become one and the same, a privileged elite, the comfortable servants of the elite and a disenfranchised underclass mass.

What might a systemic change look like, maybe some of this…a few ideas just to get the ball rolling,
A free market

A highly paid Government, yes highly paid, more than they get now. Government will be trans-national. A governing body who act as a protectorate to the market. Keep it free. No monopolies, ie enormous penalties for price fixing of markets. 

Government is a calling to serve all people, ie the human species and it will be a calling to serve the planet as well, including all species and the natural habitat.

So, absolutely no Corporate entanglement, no jobs in any corporation or payments ever after their long years of service for any government official. No lobbyists hanging around offering holidays, media attention, deals on houses , use of private jets etc etc.

Serve the people and get paid really well or work in the private sector make your mind up, because history has clearly shown us, it is a conflict of interest to serve business and the people.
A free market has a free media, limitations of ownership of media. Media is an essential public utility. It is not in the interests of the human species to have a monopolized media, so the Protectorate who serve the species, stop that happening.

Government, some kind of proportional representation.

To become an elected official will not be subject to financial constraints, it will be based on merit to be earned. What would the new leaders look like. They would have good ideas and systemic understanding that encourage the human species to flourish. They would encourage people to flourish. They will not as they do today, only consider business and money.
Where is the money for all of this?

Money will be free, ie not privately owned by a small enclave, and it will  be circulating. Is money the root of all evil? Well, it would seem that the type of money (and those that have major control) we have at the moment is the root of a lot of very bad stuff going on.

Money is a value put on energy, it is secondary, we actually need energy flow and exchange, derived from intelligent action.

Where does that come from.

The human species, the greatest resource on Earth is within the 7.3 Billion people that live here. I have looked around there is no shortage of energy or resources. There are millions, yes millions of geniuses with radical intelligence, not included in this system, not encouraged.

Encourage and Educate people to solve the world’s problems and they will, a few thousand motivated people allowed to express their informed vision could motivate the masses.

Education and this is essential, education will be focused on how to develop the individual, firstly basic functionality and also encourage the ability of young people to think for themselves and innovate. 

In other words students will not only be allowed to ask questions, they will be encouraged to ask questions on anything and be encouraged to develop more sophistication in the questioning. This education then spills into the media, into business, into everything.

Do not shit on your own doorstep. The world, our planet is interconnected, and increasingly more so if what you do is very bad for a lot of people then it is isn’t good for you. Pollution, war, rapacious greed, built in obsolescence are untenable if you follow the trajectory of connectivity.

So businessmen need to be re-educated in the 21st century.

How will anything like this happen, something like will inevitably happen it just depends how long it takes consciousness to shift.

What stops this happening, general state of consciousness that is being engineered regressively by dark agendas.

The Consciousness shift, is being helped by yoga, organic food, meditation, the integral approach, community projects etc etc.

 However there has be an acknowledgement of the dark dysfunctional leadership that quite clearly has no qualms about deception, manipulation, blackmail, assassination and accepting all manner of bribes . That truth has to be established and telling the truth is not negative. 

More importantly ordinary people can start to think systemically and expressing big picture views, rather than just banging on about recycling. 

We have to detach from the idea that systemic change is impractical due to human nature. Human nature is an evolving energy and just because things are the way they are now, does not mean they will continue. So let us get out of the contextual box of debate that the mainstream provides, that context of outdated polarities is too small, much of the arguments presented were seeded when we had a population of 2-3 billion people. We now have over 7 billion. Is there too many people, yes for the present system. Too many for Earth? No and also on the horizon is the seeding of new space colonies. This is the natural progression of any species. The systemic approach requires we view things as a species without self loathing, we are not a virus we are a systemic part of Project Earth.
The environment is polluted, predominately by the decay of energy and consciousness that is a by-product of a transition. The system is decaying and a new system is trying to emerge, that is the environmental issue first and foremost. The particulate approach to the environment flux is superficial and miniscule, an avoidance.

The Internets arrival represents the first emergence of a global village, a bridge to the planetary culture. There are now over 3 billion people with access to the internet, at some point, maybe 80-90 per cent saturation there will be a tipping point to the internet. It will go through a phase transition and act as a springboard to the psychic internet that loops back into the archaic Gaia and eventually the cosmic template of Project Earth. Project Earth is the bigger perspective, that recognizes the diversity of cosmic species on multiple dimensions that co-create with the Creator to bring us Nature. The evidence now that this is also on our horizon is the extraordinary revelations of Et’s presence.

A whole systems approach is the new system, no longer can we just talk about the environment or conspiracy or spirituality or politics or money or recycling or self empowerment.

All of it together as a unity that comprises the environment we have our experience within.

I would propose a simple start...

Acknowledge the old way of life is in transition and we need a whole new approach that encompasses everything.

And then start asking the question what would a new systemic approach to human society look like.

Each attempt leads to more questions, better questions and more refined visions.

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