Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Twinkle Twinkle

Venus and Jupiter in Combustion.

Have you see the spectacular union of Venus and Jupiter in the evening sky?

Tantalizing isn't it?

There is valuable message or download of energy available for you, as long as your consciousness is not hooked into the populist memes and collective sentiment. There is a surge of good feeling at the moment, that can never be bad as such but there is  something more enduring and truly valuable seeking to come into the soul 

Venus in Jupiter are in magnificent Leo, putting on a display. Intoxicating, seductive and intriguing. Beautiful Venus is veiling Jupiter. Beautiful Venus is presenting Jupiter. Jupiter is being eclipsed by and outshone by Venus. Venus and Jupiter are working as one energy. 

Venus is in evening star mode, this means that the energy is naturally in alignment with an attraction towards the spirit, extracting and distilling the energy from the personality to empower the soul.

Venus conjunct Jupiter in general is an enhancement, an expansion and an exaggeration of romantic feelings, money and pleasure, in fact indulgent pleasures. The conjunction also speaks of benevolence, kindness, sympathy, and generosity, the urge is for the comfortably positive but this is also an indulgence that does not make use of the soulful energy.

Today at around 3.20pm Hong Kong time Jupiter and Venus come to an exact astrological conjunction.

Looking at the chart (set for HK, but at this time the conjunction would be only visible somewhere in the Pacific east of Hawaii, so ignore the houses) we see a tight trine with Uranus in Aries and a tight quincunx (150 degrees) with Chiron in Pisces. Also there is a  sextile with Mercury.

The Sabian Symbols of the starring planets and the day is in perfect synch with the Sacred Mayan Calendar, 3 Wind.

Venus and Jupiter A Carrier Pigeon; Receiving an important message from home ie the spiritual source, or sending out news. To be privy to information, secretive information. 

Uranus A Pugilist enters the Ring; A forceful energy seeking to overpower the other or a willingness to assert the self courageously.

Chiron A Man Bringing down the New Law from Sinai; a mandate from a higher authority or divine revelation.

Mercury A Large Archaic Volume; Enduring wisdom, learn from the past without getting stuck in the past.

Sun, Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn, strong collective energy fueled by the power of Pluto but opposing the deeper transformation that is occurring.

As we can see the symbolism of a message is strong and the Sabians show a potential of a divine message being sent and received. The message is not in the form of dry information, it is energized and soulful, expansive and enlightening. Chiron at 150 degrees at Pisces highlights the challenge to connect to the subtle and hidden message not instantly available. If you have read my recent posts you know what I mean by the easily available, shiny and distracting news.

So today I suggest you tune into the deeper message life is sending you.

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