Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Evolution is Primarily Led by the Dynamic, Abundant and Creative

Evolution solves problems, so why not align with evolution?

There is an evolutionary imperative, a natural force seeking expression through us all. This evolutionary imperative is an intelligence and a will that is inherent within the human species life force. 

What is the direction of this evolutionary imperative?

Expansion of our cultural context towards a planetary; level of consciousness, consideration, inter-connection and identity, which will include the erosion of national boundaries. 

However the planetary consciousness is not a centrally controlled bland equality, bland conformity, bland expression, singular life style choice, a globalized standard way of behaviour, but an increasing complexity of larger and smaller scale of community and personal liberty. 

Is the evolutionary imperative  opposed to free speech, free thinking, diversity, degrees of local autonomy, enlightened self interest, self informed individuals?

No, in fact the evolutionary imperative is impulsed for diversity and collaboration, for more smaller local and for larger species scale community structures, not one or the other. There is no evolution, if we simply de-evolve towards a simplified global  feudal system, led by unified authority that tells everyone how to live, this is medieval. Without diversity evolution halts. 

Furthermore there is a natural impulse to reconnect to nature and our bodies, appreciating nature, being in nature, protecting nature, looking after our bodies, through clean water, unpolluted food and healthy living and working environments. There is a natural impulse within the evolutionary imperative towards recognizing that all life on earth, all people, all species are worthy of moral consideration, this is called our humanity, it is a natural quality that has always been present but buried behind the archaic developments of society. Governments that do not look after people, that treat some people with disdain, disrespect and violence are expressing antiquated forms of leadership. 

We are attempting to step into our humanity, this cannot be through moralistic law, it can only be through free will choice derived from a broad perspective of awareness.

As I see it, if there is access to information and awareness the market forces of the human species as a totality will naturally align with the benevolent, abundantly driven evolutionary imperative.

The human species is systemic to the evolution of our planet, we are not a virus, we as a species are just, still,  unfortunately expressing a primitive totality. The environmental situation demands that eventually our humanity is nurtured and encouraged, all else is short term folly.


Pope Calls for a Global Government, Pope call for global political authority, Pope Calls for New World Government. In Sweeping Encyclical, Pope Calls on 'All Humanity' to Halt Global Warming

There is a spiritual vision for a world already being empowered, by the complex network of Central Bankers, their think tanks, their economic organizations and the Vatican and it is a dark spirituality, not in our interests. 

Their legitimacy is based on being in alignment with the planetary impulse towards a larger context for society, but their limited version is not the only version that can manifest, that is why we need to create our own visions.

Individuals need to become contextually intelligent. Those who create the initial contexts hold the power, can steer the development of any organizational body they set up. And let us be fair the subtlety and the intellectual sophistication of these carefully implicated agendas is impressive. The spokespeople of the totalitarian mindset are charismatic, intelligent and patient masters of communication.

The United Nations, Agenda 21 and the present environmental vision was contextually implicated by the same matrix of intelligence, the banking occult network, that can be now called The New World Order.

It is extensively recorded that the central bankers have indeed set up the global contextual organizations that the Pope is in alignment with. Let us judge them by their efforts, look at the world, the inequity and the war, the lack of innovation in creating alternative sources of energy, etc etc.

Could do better.

Here is one vision of where we may eventually be headed, it is not a demand, just one small suggestion to start an intelligent and alternative dialogue on crafting new visions for a planetary civilization.

A planetary council, whose role is communion and evaluation of the planetary system, that means a connection to the field of consciousness and all levels of human life, environment and wildlife. This council would have no governance , they would report to humanity directly and transparently. There membership would comprise of conscious individuals, who can connect to the soul and the planet.

A global protectorate, whose role is to protect the market, to keep it free, to keep information, media and money freely flowing without monopoly. The members of this proportionately representative international elected body would have no involvement with large scale commerce, no affiliations with corporate interests, with severe penalties for corporate involvement after their term of office. This protectorate would have an over seeing power but not total power, they would have to answer to the people. One of their key jobs would be to ensure the findings of the Planetary Council were disseminated.

By necessity there would be other bodies including a people’s council that would interact with the protectorate and a host of other governances with different areas of focus and responsibility.
For all of this to be possible there has to be a shift in consciousness so that individuals would be taught to think for themselves free from scientism or religious indoctrination. 

It is fair to say we have a long way to go. Human nature and self interest are evolving principles. This point is contentious for many, because the cliché is that humans never change, this is where an understanding of the evolutionary developmental levels helps illuminate the fallacy of this damaging condemnation of our species. 

Self interest is an evolving principle where it becomes in our self interest to accommodate the interest of more of existence.

In order to feel the love we all feel for our planet, nature and people, we need to detox from the falsity of the mainstream information stream. The narrative of the mainstream is of an autocratic parent encouraging and then in the same breath reminding us of our base nature, our fallibility, our propensity for degradation, silliness, greed, selfishness. This is an elementary psychological method of a controlling disempowering parent, who does not want their children to mature and flourish in a healthy manner. This self assuming parental voice speaks of austerity, lack of liberty, lack of reward and sounds like an old testament god. 

We have to understand the information contamination that is being spewed into the environment 24 hours a day by the mainstream via the media. If we see this, see through the manipulation and deception, then we will not get hung upon outdated nationalism, poverty mentality or species self loathing. 

The visions we create need a different conclusion to NWO, whose summation is we that need draconian law, eugenics and total centralized control by an elite with an underclass of slaves.
It has never been more important for people to educate themselves outside of the mainstream information context.

Fittingly, the means for this available, it is of course the internet.  It should be noted that the governing bodies of the world are all calling for a centralized control of the internet. What concerns them is free speech, free thinking and free flow of information. Google is already making it harder to access the alternative information, through its updated algorithms. 

Use it or lose it. Share and disseminate. Appreciate what we have with the internet and think, envisage and talk with a larger view based on the positive potential that is inherent within the evolutionary imperative.

Evolution is about continued development through fundamental changes of cultural context in order to grow and flourish.

There is no limits on our horizon, at the planetary stage of culture, we will be contemplating the stars and new colonies. There is no limits to energy in the cosmos, there are no natural limits that we are near to, there is extraordinary energy in our Earth’s total living system. There are however limits to human systems and the way we access energy.

The only thing that can unlock the new realities is already within your own consciousness and within your own energy field.

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