Tuesday, 2 June 2015

General Loose Noosphere Enquiry

Chiron Enchantment aka planetary stage of individuation and culture is the level of consciousness of the Torus and Toroid. If the Toroid is a surface generated by a closed curve, the torus is the full energy field. Question is the Noosphere a developmental stage between internet generated Cyberspace and the full Torus, ie a sheath of thought or consciousness? Is the Toroid the human collective mind, where as the torus the full planetary field of consciousness that includes the connection to the central axis?

The path of spirituality and the expansion or unfoldment of consciousness from the implicate order is an oscillation between transcendence through the Crown and centring in the heart. To some extent this can be seen as a penduluum swing between self and engagement with other.

The Alchemy of isolated Self is anchored at the solar plexus, where as the Alchemy of benevolence consciousness is centred in the heart.

The Heart is the generator of the whole Torus. The field though is fractal, we now know that DNA is also a toroidal configuration. Although not every cell has the identical DNA, the DNA in each cell is not only interconnected with all of our DNA but also to all DNA of Earth.

The path of alchemy is an oscillation between individuated transcendence and coming to one’s humanitarian heart. The quintessence is the centre, but to be fully active has to be connected via feedback loops to the external surface of the energy field, all four elements and six directions.
The Aten Asteroids speaking from the perspective of my Holospheric Astrology orbitally link the Earth and Mercury and inside Mercury (0.2AU) and Venus. My initial research suggest the Atens are the orbital pathways that holographically represent alchemical transmutation. The fact that they are named after Ancient Egyptian principles including Sekhmet and Akhenaton is interesting, to say the least.

It is of interest that on the day of my last posting this story appeared on the internet 



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