Thursday, 8 July 2010

Towards and Beyond 2012

Staying open to life on the long good road requires enjoying the never ending quest to be here now.
The natural state of life is a superfluous supply; we constantly live with a cascade of gifts.
Life’s challenges require engagement; however the essential challenge is one of opening ourselves in all directions. Life is giving us everything we truly need.

The world is presently struggling with the illusion that there is not enough to go around, not enough energy or money.
The energy we use, such as oil and the money system we presently use is encoded with fear and control, we as a species do not actually need— in real terms—to be using oil and the old money system. The informational flow that is being pumped into the world is veiling the truth.

We have had the seeds for free energy technology for at least 100 years and the financial system is constantly being siphoned off at source.

We live in the Garden of Eden but have built a small shack in a dark corner to dwell in, the internal walls are lined with glossy images suggesting that this is the good life and if we venture forth into the outside landscape of our expanded perspective we will perish. Those who tell us this are the fearful and small, and within this dwelling these voices sound mature, confident and authoritative, they suggest that the present level of stress can only be resolved by adding more fuel to the fire.

As we step outside of this mind prison their voices will be mere whispers drowned out by the celebratory chorus of human species working to build and enjoying a new society.

The information war is hotting up, if you ingest the news from inside the shack, the media message, be sure to balance it with the truth that there is a conspiracy to keep you small.

Listen to Dr Steven Greer for 10 minutes, he has been communicating with those within the covert reality for over 16 years...

Only our collective agreement to comply keeps us here.

Most of those conspiring against us do so unwittingly and or regrettably. The whole conspiracy is truly sourced from the matrix; it’s a self perpetuating program, a default function until enough consciousness overloads the systems capacity to maintain itself.

In other words we have to keep on reading and talking about the greater realities and sharing the greater truths, as well as meditating or stepping outside of the information prison. Meditating in itself is not sufficient if we also watch TV, read the news and talk about life with our friends from the conventional limited intelligence of the fearful scripts of scientism, standard history, evolutionary theory, economics, Oil, Pharmaceutical medicine, over population, global warming etc.

Look at the vast alternative reservoir of alternative and expanded truth that shows that all, yes all, the standard perspectives are small theoretical self perpetuating myths, appearing as real, because of the recycling of opinion. The old world is dying, together we are starting to move to the new world, which is here and now and all around us.

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