Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Unfolding and Turning Inside Out

I have been having experiencing future potentials, pockets of feeling, visitations or artifacts of the multiverse perhaps.

I see the post 2012 era as being increasingly existential, empty yet not in the nihilistic sense of the existentialists but the light filled emptiness of life as art.
As the world becomes more complex, it becomes more dynamic which means unified and simultaneously fragmented, as the whole dissolves into the momentary and particulate. True art is transient and is life expressing itself in each moment in each situation.
In this rarefied atmosphere the most extra-ordinary realities will co-exist with the mundane. All manner of bizarre occurrences and non human entities will be ubiquitous.
The extremes are hidden in plain sight, because of the level of uncertainty, no-one will know for sure what is fake or real creates the safety that protects the agreements of reality and shields the uninitiated from the emotional shock of a fluid and virtual landscape

Big thanks to Brightestsmile

On a personal level I am aware that the future involves me age-ing, in this regards I defer to Tom Waits…

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