Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Remix Your Reality

What Mindsets do You Belong to or Identify With?

The Integral Movement, the New Age movement, the environmental ideology, the trans-humanist, the cultural creative crowd, the techno future perspective, a religion, counter culture freak, the scientific paradigm, the conspiratorial truth movement and many more and even the Be Here Now Intention—are mindsets

We can not escape membership, to a larger or smaller degree. Every collective ideology, attitude or way of perceiving reality is a subtle structure or not so subtle structure and carries a frequency signature. Every structure by definition has a certain limitation—this is not bad thing, we do need to create appropriate structures for our life. Freedom comes from accepting a certain level of limitation.

New Interconnections lead to Novel Creations

The collective consciousness in our world has a strong undercurrent of change, all structures are being challenged to expand and grow. The nature of change in the world today is change is occurring within the existing structures and paradigms but also life is going through a fundamental innovation. Innovation is nicely defined by Frans who wrote the Medici Effect, innovation occurs at the intersection where different paradigms, endeavours, ideologies and cultures meet.
Reality is remixing itself.

The actual speed of evolutionary change is debatable, I am not sure if we will be experiencing a slowing down of change in about 20 years? I perceive the collective to be exploring potentials and that we as a species are on the verge of making some enduring decisions in the next couple of decades—an a new essential reality contract.

Near Future

So I ask myself will there be a level of technological backlash within twenty years as all technologies move close to a convergence, with perhaps a rediscovery of old earth technologies, Heath Robinson high tech, accompanied by a return to nature with simple healthy joyful living, if that was the case hopefully it will not arise from a global disaster—I do not believe so. Will there be a totalitarian government that implements harsh ecological dictates—well there is a force attempting that. Will the world shift consciousness into a relative golden age of new humanitarian values; to some extent I believe so. Will the global village be both integrated yet fragmented with specified communities, that choose their own realities, living with a relative self sufficiency?

Will we able to have more choice about how we can live, will there be more individual freedom or at least the opportunity to do so, for those who do not feel at home with the mass of society—I hope so, I expect so. The Wide spectrum potentials of our complex world are truly extraordinary.

Truth is becoming relative, but as I suggest in the short piece in the Futures section, we will move through the flatland of ‘everything is true, so nothing is true’ to discover appropriate truth.
Appropriate truth recognizes that not all truths are equally valid all of the time; there is a dynamic hierarchy of truth as revealed by the Enchantments of Life.

The Complex Truth beyond the Every Thing is True Meme

Appropriate truth is not wishy washy, it is the knowing of that which is true for oneself in each moment. A self expression that comes with the edge of uncertainty, the openness that accepts other people see things differently, whilst aware that in the social realm the truth of unfettered ego is less valid than the truth of morality which is superseded by the market place of self expression which is superseded by empathy and equality, yet this is superseded by a self interest that enables and hopes that all people are free to be who they truly are for the sake of life on Earth.


Here on the Crow, I enjoy mixing it up, with the intention to be a catalyst for innovation. I am not sure the Vatican approve of this christian DJ mix phenomenon but hey its happening.
I know that although I see all the linkages in between the images, videos and ideas, many of you wont, because they are my connections and there is not space to detail all the pathways. My intention is that the chaotic and rough edges of the Crow allow you to find your appropriate connections.

In a world of mutability, reality is being remixed, I offer the map of the Enchantments of Life to counteract the confusion of everything appearing purely random, together with the adventure of exploring the potentiality of the time we live in—by going outside of the box of fixed ideologies.

I hope you enjoy my remixing of reality here on the crow, as it is intended to be, entertainment, stimulation and inspiration that is appropriate for now, for the modern mystical element within you, I touch upon the profound, the novel and a little bit of the profane. I have fun with this, I hope you can enjoy it, I hope it invigorates you, plants seeds of personal innovation and entertains you.

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