Thursday, 9 July 2015

Astrology of Greece, just a quick note

The time I have used is an intuitive one based on the events of yesterday adjusted from here, so the time might be right, for me at least I feel Greece resonates strongly with Venus in Pisces. Romantic, aesthetic, attracted to the underdog, which  plugs into our view of Greece and its ancient heritage...
bearing that in mind let us look at the transits...

Transiting Neptune retrograde (illusions revealed) tightly conjunct the natal Venus, (money, values) and opposite natal Mars
Transiting Uranus 20.20' right on natal Saturn 20.17 with Jupiter at 21.40 disruption to society (Uranus retrogrades soon)
Uranus Square natal Sun change and possible empoweriment of Greek Identity
Pluto retrograde conjunct natal Mercury Change of Mind
Transiting Node conjunct Moon Remember who Greece is, remember its magnificent past
Saturn retrograde trine natal Pluto, a limited version of the full change
Mars opposite Uranus/Neptune ?

With Nations the older the chart the more fundamental it is generally speaking, newer charts are overlays that add and sometimes adjust the template, ie the older chart.

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