Monday, 13 July 2015

Rational, Reasonable and Mature Sounding Bullshit

The Monty Python event of 2016 already building in the news, ie Bush, Clinton and Trump, all of whom are performing in the most publicized and grandest comedy event in the history of the world.

Not 5 million dollars will be spent on this extraordinary theatrical event, noooo, but maybe 5 billion dollars...

Plus there will be tens of thousands of volunteers fighting on behalf of their favourite puppet.

I am not cynical about life in general nor human nature, just things that deserve cynicism and no its not puerile to make a mockery of what appears to be so serious, intellectual and civilized but is instead a a tragedian comedic production of epic proportions.

Faux-sophistication and intellectualized grandeur can often disarm people of their emotional intelligence and your EQ is far more important than your IQ. It is crucial that you do your own rational appraisal and investigate the stories behind the story and then value your own intuitive intelligence, how does it feel?

The Electoral System we have will never change if you don't speak out. 

So where do you speak out when the elections are already rigged. Yes, essentially they are rigged. Systemically and financially...the present system only rewards the largest majority, which has been guaranteed, by the nature of the financially endorsed media led campaign, to be for the same old same old...

Elections are now electronically counted and Bush was caught with a rigged vote last time, thanks to his relative, but he still got in! The same relative is now standing for election...seriously

here is 2 minutes 51 seconds to remind you of the ridiculous nature of it all

and here is 30 seconds that speaks volumes about just about everything


    ...about ten times the size of the supposed Greek Debt, lost in 'accountancy' errors on the day before you know what...

It was hard to believe that people would be fooled after the Bush admin, but then people needed Hope and Change..

Obama and Osama, is that is a psychological trick to scramble your brains?
After the comedic looking Bush, we have a good looking charming black man, will a woman be next...psy ops? It does not matter they are the distraction

Surely no-one would ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever fall for it all again...

You might think that it would have to be that more subtle, but no, they are not even trying, they are deliberately taking the piss out of people with the two main criminals presented for election

People seem to get so excited by the erection candidates, but then again with all the recent revelations about rent a crowd,  maybe they are not, maybe all of that wooohoo, knickers in the air, is just a televised theatre...



Presidents are selected not voted for.


But you are given a choice? 

Yes, maybe, at best, a very limited choice

Either one of Satan's Spawn who is a corporate sponsored candidate, therefore doing the bidding of those corporations. He will be receiving vast amounts of airtime on television


Another one of Satan's Spawn who is a corporate sponsored candidate representing a different but inter-related set of corporate interests, she will also be receiving vast amounts of airtime on television.

 But even that amount of choice is debatable

Arkansas governor Bill Clinton, for example, who attended in 1991. “There, David Rockefeller told (him) why the North American Free Trade Agreement….was a Bilderberg priority and that the group needed him to support it. The next year, Clinton was elected president,” and on January 1, 1994 NAFTA took effect.

A few choice cliches that should cause you to wet your pants with laughter...

Your Vote is Your Voice

Your Vote Counts

If you Do Not Vote You have no Right to...etc

and then this

Honour the Suffragettes, etc...

this is actually offensive, does anyone really think that Emily Pankhurst and her brave compatriots would want you to vote for a corporate puppet, even if she is a quasi-woman, wouldn't they be more likely causing havoc to change the system to rid money from politics to bring in some kind of proportional representation and a ban on corporate sponsored lobbyists? 


Rational, Reasonable and Mature Sounding Bullshit

is used to explain economics and much more...

I would not bother giving this energy, but at this transitional time we are still seeing a large volume of people sucked into the tiny context of debate that is promoted and allowed in the mainstream.

Many people have an innate sense of the falsity of the present social structures but are being bombarded by a incessant information campaign to hold the illusion in place for as long as possible. The gnosis, the direct emotional recognition that people feel, if they have some time and space, is being crowded out by a deluge of phenomenal social engineering. 

The balance is tipping, the disdain is growing, the boredom and the cynicism towards the official narrative is increasing and this cynicism should be encouraged.

Human Nature is capable of far more, has a potential far beyond this sorry-ass portrayal of civilization. Human beings are better than this...


to end, let us go back to a time when there was still some free speech in the mainstream media




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