Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Here's Looking at You, Kid

The Pluto Frequency has become much stronger, the planet Pluto is now visible to us.

End of the Mars Moon cycle

As this Moon Cycle comes to a completion, we have seen an incremental push by a highly organized global agenda to create a dystopian enslaved society. This will mean nothing to you, if you have not kept up with the behind the scenes revelations that accompany the main stories of the last month.
We are in the midst of a timeline change, a species choice. You can see the pieces I have posted with the tagline The Timeline Change and Choices and the recent posts from this month.

As Above So Below

The beautiful pictures of NASA all over the web and mainstream media means that the human species is looking at Pluto. Pluto is the dominant planetary system of the Kuiper Belt, Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld. The Underworld is the collective consciousness, the collective unconscious that is gradually becoming the collective consciousness, the emergence of a species awareness for humanity which is linked to a global consciousness. The shadow manifestation of this is globalization, a corporatocracy run by Plutocrats with the ultimate intent of a dystopian enslavement of the masses ruled and centrally controlled by an ever diminishing elite.

In an article due to be published in popular German newspaper Die Zeit this coming Thursday, Greek ex-Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis will accuse Germany of hiding the truth about its real aims for Europe, and say his country’s exit from the single currency is all part of a plan hatched a long time ago to ‘discipline’ countries who do not do as they are told. Varoufakis has written an op-ed in order to address Germany’s citizens directly. He will name German Finance Minister Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble as the man behind a conspiracy to re-structure the Eurozone in a way which favors banks over citizens and plutocracy over democracy. Read More:

To become a collective consciousness we have to allow the primal emotions to surface and then to direct, cleanse and integrate the primal rage. If we suppress the primal rage it sends us into depression and the destructive force can manifest as a seemingly external force. If we merely react and fuel the primal rage we become overtly destructive. This process brings up our ultimate fears of survival. Pluto rules power and the abuse of power. The elevated consciousness of Pluto though is profound transformation, our species on the verge of a profound transformation on an evolutionary scale.

How do we handle it?

Well we can ignore the news, ignore the dark agendas being openly played out. It is not nice to speak of such things, and the fear is that it makes you look dark and  a weirdo loser nut job whose life is sad (the Hollywood and media archetype)

There is truly no hidden manipulation anymore, everything is in plain sight, hidden only by clever rationalizations and threat. The rational mind is brilliant at denying the emotional truth, it can weave a web of sensible and mature sounding ideas that suppress the emotional truth we feel.

Partly we have to all just get on with our own thing, the scale of the problem is too big and if we all success personally we can alleviate some of the problem.

However, if you are awake there is a need to acknowledge what is going and see that there is a major problem, the planet is in the grips of something quiet hideous. The dark agendas being brought into law are a manifestation and reflection of the shadow of our species, ie it is a collective responsibility.
Yes, working on ourselves is part of the solution, however to work on ourselves as purely separate individuals without realizing that we are part of a species is a folly. Our individual psyche has a universal structure of consciousness, a generalized patterning that we find in all people. 

Now, we have to look outside as well as within. One or the other will not cut it.

If you look outside at the 'global corporate governance' and you see that they are living in luxury, more opulent that ever before, like bloated Roman Emperors, who want it all, want it all for themselves. More than that, they are driven by the lust for power (Pluto in its low frequency manifestation), total power.

The Economic Reality 
the Global Debt is based on money we have borrowed from the future charged at exorbitant rates of interest and this debt is encouraged by the banking system. In other words, however you look at it, the banking system holds the debt. The Banking system is the largest generator of profit for the top 200 companies in the world, allied to Oil as the second largest industry as far as I can tell.

There is an esoteric aspect to this which is very important, the debt is controlled by the Matrix, but that is a whole presentation in itself. For now let us try and stick with economic realities. Just business...

A few stats to consider

The Global GDP is in the region of US $75 trillion 
The Global Debt is 60 trillion or some say 400 trillion, different ways of calculating it but the debt clock says around 60 trillion

It is not a 1 percent issue! Forget this 99%-1% division

Ultra-High-Net-Worth begins at around ‘30 Mill’ over 200,000 people (about 0.003%

of the World populations ) join that club, these people have financial freedom. I do not begrudge people having that sort of wealth. Obviously it depends on how they earnt it, but in principle 30 million US dollars, in of itself, is something I personally am okay with. It is wealth, fine, why not.

The total of 1,645 people who made the 2014 billionaire list, represent a combined wealth of $6.4 trillion. A billion is 1,000 million, think about that, who needs that much money? That is another level, however that has still not quite solved the problem, but it certainly looks to be part of the problem...6.4 of 60 trill about 10 per cent of the global debt, hmm...

A new report finds that around the world the extremely wealthy have accumulated at least $21 trillion in secretive offshore accounts. That’s a sum equal to the gross domestic products of the United States and Japan added together. The number may sound unbelievable, but the study was conducted by James Henry, former chief economist at the consultancy McKinsey, an expert on tax havens and offshoring. 

Some estimates put this figure at 32 Trillion! Okay so this looks like a realistic financial problem for the economy, what is this money, who has it?


I think we see who where the money is, Corporations and a very small elite have it and nations do not...

Right looking at the UK

The UK GDP is 1.396 trillion                                £1,396,000,000,000
All Benefits excluding pensions                               £75,000,000,000 
Military spending 6th largest in the world, why?      £61,000,000,000 and increasing
Paying Banks for ‘Debt’                                            £48,000,000,000 and increasing
Pharmaceutical companies Drugs                              £14,000,000,000
Tax collected from Corporations                                £43,000,000,000

So the British Government is saying that we have a real economic problem and we must cut benefits, it is an age of austerity.
Company profits of the largest corporations are still on the increase as are CEO salaries, hmm maybe we can get another 5-10 billion in tax from them
How about cutting a billion or more on the drugs bill? How about re-negotiating with the banking cartel, sorry boys it is a tough time we need to cut this interest payment in half, or we will go bankrupt, saves 24 billion...

Military spending, UK is the 6th largest war machine, what? Come on now, we have to get real, take this down at least 5 billion

And why not allow people to start small businesses, ie get them working give them help, would not cost that much a few billion that is all.. 

This is simplistic, but we need to start simplistically if there really is a real economic problem, we have to think differently, cut through the crap that has led to this situation in the first place.  

But of course, rational economic solutions are not welcome, because this is a power issue not an economic or rational systemic issue. 

If you are not angered by the totalitarian agenda being pushed in your face;

1. You do not believe it, because you have absorbed the rationalizations of the mainstream and the paid apologists and therefore will not look at the conspiracy facts. And you are probably financially comfortable, there is enough of a buffer-for now. And therefore maybe you do not care. I have some sympathy with this, it is an important aspect of  human nature that we look after the self first.

2. You do not have time, you are so busy just keeping things together. I have total empathy and sympathy with this position, most of us our under this duress.

3. You are a lightworker and do not believe in feeding the darkness. I have empathy for this position as well, and to some extent, a little this attitude is good.

However, come on now

Anger is a healthy human emotion, in my estimation you should feel at least some anger at the hideous trick being played upon our fellow humans, if you are awake, if you care, if you want to feel connected and to take part in this incredible evolutionary transition, you should feel some anger!

Anger resides at your core, it is the primal rage, it is connected to the power of your life force. Do not apologize for being angry at the oppressive, unjust, insane, irrational, incompetent, aloof, cruel, hypocritical  demands of governance.
The Global Debt , who has the money? Who is this owed to? Having done the maths, it is clear who has it, it is the big corporations especially through banks. so de we need to cut benefits, maybe we could just collect taxes from the corporations, seeing as they can

The issue then is this, what do we do with that anger. For anger on its own is destructive, we must bring awareness to this anger and direct it into something creative.

This is a huge question and difficult one that requires a long answer but more importantly a continual process of adjustment. The Human Species is in therapy, this will not be a quick process.

It starts though with awareness. If it is news it is probably a deception.

Reject the manic-stream narrative, reject what comes out of the mouths of the leaders, especially of the established church, for god’s sake look at the history of the Church, this new Pope is just PR… and the corporate leaders and…their lackeys in parliarment. Develop a healthy cynicism for the mainstream.

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