Saturday, 11 July 2015

A New World Currency... in Stages?

We are definitely heading towards a new composition of the global reserve maybe as early as January 2016 following an announcement in October this year(?).The political positioning and posturing we are seeing all around the world are I presume motivated by this inevitability, it is like a guns on the table negotiation.

By 2019-2020, with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in conjunction we will see it developed. I doubt whether anyone can be sure exactly what it will look like. Certainly there is an agenda to create a totalitarian society, as witnessed by the Pope's charade.

However I think it maybe that this will stem WW3, and push the totalitarian potential further into the horizon.

We do need a global currency, along with some alternatives though, be that crypto-currencies and even localized exchange communities. A global currency that has to compete with others could improve things dramatically. Maybe the IMFs hand is being forced as more nations stand up to the debt burden that has been artificially placed upon them. With BRICS bank up and running and USA adopting the Euro October 1st (adopting?).

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