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2012 is the Beginning

2012 makes demands upon the Human Species to become a Planetary Society in the decades that follow.

Following on from today’s posting 9 Skull on My Mayan Calendar Log

Integrating twenty years of study on the Maya, their calendar, the 2012 astrology chart and the present global situation, I postulate that the evolutionary imperative requires our society to establish a Planetary Civilization. 

The confirmation of Planet X, a Brown Dwarf, in 2012 is just one of the possible physical events that can push the human species into looking at life on Earth with the cosmos in mind.

Reframing Global Issues onto a Higher Level.

 As those who have followed my work would know my position is that the population, resource, energy, financial and environmental crises, are in fact one crisis— a crisis of consciousness.

A crisis is an indicator of transformation. The world needs or will soon need a new conscious system that plugs into the next level of abundant supply. For it must be noted there is no lack of anything in existence, it depends upon ones capabilities to plug into an appropriate source of supply.

I would say that the population is not too large, it is more that the social systems we operate under are rapidly becoming inadequate to supply that human population in a way that also supports its cohabitants and our home. In general it is our own limitations of development that inhibit our ability to receive and have, in accord with the living systems of Earth.

A large human population gives rise to a greater diversity of roles and expressions that lead to an exquisitely complex consciousness. With more people on Earth the potential areas of specialization—niches—are expanded. This reservoir of diverse expertise can unleash a creative potential to innovate every area of life far in excess of what we can perceive possible. It is just a question of allowing human creativity to be openly explored

At present we do not operate with a free market competition of ideas, due to the context created by our present dominant level of consciousness. Money is considered before life conditions, which is now plainly ridiculous with the world as it is. Our financial system sets the context, rather than life conditions on earth setting the context for competing ideas. What has served us, as a species to some degree up to now no longer serves us. It really is time to move beyond the bottom line, the profit motive.
I will return to this in a moment.

The Earth’s awakening as a living complex system is immanent and is manifesting in our human society as an increase in complexity of collective consciousness.

Complexity: more working parts, more frequencies of consciousness, more diversity of values, truths and expression, all contained within a whole system and that system is an open system. Earth as a whole, inclusive of all natural and human artifact and open to the cosmos.

The Earth is Changing

This is due to a multitude of factors including an increase of cosmic energies, such as those documented by Alexei Dmitriev. Whose work highlights there is an intrusion of high energy plasma into the Solar System creating climatic and biospherical instability changing the atmosphere that we walk around in. The second factor which cannot be extricated from the cosmic energy is the evolution from within human society as it emerges from history—the abundance of the human population, technological progress and the widening range of potentials that the human imagination can conceive of.

The commentary and product of the global situation, the social dialectic is expressed most obviously on the internet. The true extent of the extraordinary spectrum of the collective dialogue is only apparent to those who are actively involved in Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and other social platforms. On the internet we find a huge clash of values, the greatest diversity of perspective and an enormous relativity of truth. The explosion of human testimony attributed to extraordinary realities, the unending interpretation of all world events, the expanded platform of opinion is all proof of itself of a society that has rapidly reached a degree of complex thinking, imagination and expression that was hard to conceive of fifty years ago.

So no matter what the truth actually is in regards to any of the contentious issues that are being explored, the totality of the situation is a massive increase of complexity of human perception, the system itself is going through a phase transition.

Taken as a whole, we are seeing a systemic change, the emergence of a planetary society interconnected to the Earth’s consciousness. However there is a long way to go before we consciously realize this planetary civilization.

My  Proposition

A planetary civilization would not only include the global village of culture, economics, politics, entertainment and community, it would also have an awareness of the cosmos that Earth is part of and shaped by. The realization of this planetary level of consciousness would necessitate a planetary council of attuned individuals. The members of ‘The Council’ would understand the planetary system as a conscious living and complex entity. They would be conscious of the incoming cosmic forces. They will be meditators, intuitives, psychics and such like who have an understanding in whole systems science, the council would mostly but not exclusively made up of elders. They would also have some exopolitical awareness—the spiritual politics between humanity and other humanoid species.

Subservient to the Council will be something like a planetary protectorate who would oversee the global government its economy, law, education etc. The protectorate would not be a dictatorship, their power would not be absolute, but would be exercised through influence, through education. The form of education would centre on stimulating the ability of our society to ask intelligent questions. The Protectorate would exercise power through guaranteed airtime on the integrated global media system. The Protectorate could be said to be social engineers who work in the interest of the whole planetary system enabling it to unfold organically as directed by collective consciousness and life conditions.

The Protectorate would be the liaison agency between all sectors of society and the Council. The Council who would be a transcendental community, living a life largely removed from all everyday concerns. The axiom of the Protectorate would be to create a social context for a free market of innovation to create abundance in accord with life conditions.

The Term Planetary Assembly might be than Planetary Council?

This contrasts with the monopoly market of the Corporatized paradigm, which purely focuses on money for moneys sake and the capture of public imagination based on adrenalin-drama, titillation and status.

From 2020 onwards some form of global governance, currency and law will emerge, hot on the heels of this we will see a significantly integrated global media, both chaotic at the edges and yet also with a centralized focus. The internet has become increasingly centralized in recent years.

“Although the internet is highly decentralized in its communication and social patterns, its
technical and regulatory foundations are extremely hierarchical, due to centralized control by
organizations like ICANN and oligopolistic ownership of network access”

It is imperative that the public have access to planetary perspective rather than just the economic based political news of today. This in turn can only come about by a significant awakening of consciousness within the population…  

however I hold onto the belief that it is inevitable

The energy pressure, the build up of latent consciousness I personally feel within the atmosphere will not be inhibited or contained for too much longer.

 The present system is becoming tired, it transparently is not creating benevolent abundance, most nation states for example are on the brink of bankruptcy—it is no longer keeping up, it is not adequately working.

Big Brother and the Totalitarian Government

It could be said that the implicit dystopian vision is forcing us to wake up to the divine function of the Earth’s etheric master template—the Matrix. The function of the matrix is to create and stabilize a reality based on the totality of collective agreement. The Matrix is like a computer in as much as it creates the templates for reality based purely on the energy fed into it. The totality of energy, attention, emotion and thought from life in planet Earth’s energy field programs the Etheric Matrix to perpetuate reality… “your wish is my command”

 In other words the dark potential such as it is shown in the film ‘The Matrix’ is there to force us to be conscious of the fundamental factor of how reality is formed, that it is an agreement, rather than a given permanent discoverable truth. This reframes the scientific endeavour to one of co-creation rather than mere discovery. The answers to our tests on reality and therefore our findings depend wholly upon the nature of the inquiry. The nature of a question frames the possibilities, sets the limits for the answer.

The increasing hunger for truth in the post 2012 era will stimulate a new dialogue one that does not look for instant answers, but a new global conversation that is a process of refined questioning. We are also talking about a new attitude of empiricism, which does not dismiss all manner of experience and enquiry, one that recognizes the legitimacy of all perception. This empiricism is based in an understanding of systems. A whole living system is not just the sum of its parts (all life forms), it includes the relationships between the parts and the totality itself—which is the field of energy (and consciousness) that creates the totality. A systemic approach would be more inclusive. The considerable testimony of consciousness as reality and spiritual experiences would then have to be considered to have legitimacy.

Here we have the difference between an open system as compared to a closed matrix, all paradigms are considered in a free market of innovation.

So What are the Parameters for Humanities Creativity?

If (?) you recognize that we exist in a living conscious multiverse then we can understand that there is vast strata’s of conscious creative beings, gods by any other name that create the substratum that we have woke up in. In other words nature as we know it here on Earth was not just handed down to us straight from God or through random accident but by millennia of creative experimentation, adjustment, competition and collusion between all manner of creative entities and consciousness.

The whole Earth experiment is a product of multiplicity of beings from a multiplicity of realms. As we become aware on the planetary level we engage with the co-creators of Earth, the gods from all realms. I will leave that subject alone for now.

Encoded within this cosmic production of Earth is a series of gateways to different levels of complexity. In simple terms we can see consciousness expands through stages of involution and evolution.

Involution is the fall of spirit into density.

Evolution is the developmental stages, starting with small bands of early humans picking berries. The stages after that proceed through clan, tribe, village, city state, national state, multinational corporate states, humanistic global networks, all human species society and then a truly planetary civilization. If you look at the developmental stages of culture you can understand that correspondingly individual expression, motivation and what we term human nature are changeable. An understanding of the evolving nature of consciousness does away with the idea of a fixed nature to humanity.

Human nature is complex rather than something fixed that always gravitates towards the lowest common denominators of greed, lust and selfishness, these expressions are just lower end components of our evolving being. We are arriving at a new level of the game; we are advanced enough to recognize that we are at a relatively low level of civilization if we stare into the cosmos. We are still Earthbound, this is sobering and yet incredibly inviting.

A planetary society looks to the stars, the greater community of living beings, the mysteries of time, space, energy and consciousness. Rationality and what has now become a reductionist science has brought us thus far, has brought the Human Species forward to a stage of adolescence. As a culture it will soon be time to start our higher education in preparation to become a species with an adult consciousness.

For me everything points towards 2012 as the beginning of the game to manifest a planetary society. The 2012 era is the demarcation, where the quarantine of Earth maintained throughout recorded history is lifted and we prepare to be conscious of the fact that we do not live in an enclosed social system—the Matrix—but that we live on a planet that traverses the ocean of the cosmos.

The Intention of my work is not to directly fuel the argumentative debate on what constitutes evidence but to stimulate visionary thinking, for it is time for humanity to at least envisage a way forward.

Stratospheric: Robert Harrison captured images of the Earth like this one above using a Canon Sure Shot camera fixed in a polystyrene box and attached to a helium balloon. From Here

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