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2012 is the Beginning : Part Three

 Painting A Dreaming of the Whole Earth by Gulwan

2012 is an Era
I suggest that we can understand more about the 2012 effect and the duration of ‘transformation intensity’—the window of change—by affirming the significance of the development and use of the atomic bomb. Furthermore I suggest our entry into the atomic age tells us something of what is being required of us by life itself in relation to the 2012 era.

Two individuals that are associated most strongly with 2012 Terence McKenna and Jose Argüelles both draw attention to the birth of the atomic age as a significant gateway that is linked to the 2012 date.

Is there really a big transformation in the offing? Are we truly living in a profound evolutionary transformational epoch?

I and millions of others are proclaiming that we are living in an extraordinary time, which is offering us a fundamental opportunity to co-create a new world.
But! is this truly any different from other times in history, many people still doubt that it is special, there is still a sense for many of an unending smooth continuity and adaption for progress. The full answer is fairly complex but I present the case that on a basic level this is truly an era of change.

The Detonation of the Nuclear Bomb was an undeniable watershed in our history. It marked the occasion where we had access to enough power to destroy all life on Earth. The Human Species had enough power to commit the ultimate atrocity, enough power to kill millions of people and do lasting damage to the natural world, power without the wisdom, heart and consciousness to know any better. There can not be a more visceral alarm evident in our history that we in our adolescence had opened the door to an evolutionary threshold that requires us to…“wake up” or is it.. "Wake the Fuck Up"?

How else can we put it, intelligent, sophisticated and often charming men came to the point where they decided (and still hold onto this idea) that the only way forward is through this most heinous act. More alarming than that is the fact that we have all been compliant with wars of mass destruction often carried out on the innocents, in recent years we have all, including myself, stood by and allowed our so called leaders to kill millions of innocent people in the name of some very dubious agendas that have nothing to do with the interests of a real civilized humanity.

The mass destruction and horror is still being perpetrated but a percentage of us at least are saying “not in my name”.

It has to be recognized 1945 marks the moment of something significant; the stakes were raised from that moment and have continued to rise exponentially since then.

A realistic, truthful and responsible human being would surely have to recognize that things have to change. Firstly just that, just have the recognition. The enormity of the world’s shadow is overwhelming so we tend to look away. Now I do not think we can live our life without humour or relaxation, nor do I believe we should be living with guilt or the hideously serious sense of it being all down to us as individuals— to take personal responsibility of the world upon our shoulders.

I would suggest that what is required from us is to firstly be conscious of the fact that we as a species are at a relative low level of evolution  and are entering into the ‘space’ where we have some real evolutionary potential. This potential comes with the need to be more conscious. We are an expression of evolution in action just beginning to wake up to itself.

I would further suggest that although none of us can take on the responsibility of the world, far more of us have to engage with the bigger picture and be conscious of the potentials and directions that are unfolding. In the past, in our lower levels of development humanity has gradually evolved through the power of minority leadership.  It is no longer enough to look to figureheads, it is not appropriate anymore to accept the dictates of government, corporate executives or scientific experts. None of these paradigms show any signs of being adequate to the job that is being asked of humanity—these dominant areas of human endeavour are inadequate without a higher directive. Science has brought us many wonders but it has brought us weapons of mass destruction. Business or economics has enabled us to live in comfort and to have access to all manner of entertainment and pleasure. Government and business have now basically become unified as an economic system. This system it’s principles, its perspective has no answers unto itself in regards to the pressing needs for us to care for life and enable us to evolve further.

The economic system can still be useful, but surely it is obvious that it needs to be overseen by a more conscious, non profit orientated agenda. Science is still important yet it needs a guiding hand, its need to be shown that as a mindset it can not be neutral, it can not be servile to economics. Science as a mindset must own its own potentials. Something changed in 1945 and we have still not yet fully recognized the significance of the change and have therefore not changed our social system on a fundamental level accordingly.

Admittedly if we go onto a deeper level of understanding with the aid of the Enchantments of Life (the Developmental map of human consciousness) we see that the awareness of evolution has developed in as much as 10-15 percent of the adult population have shifted their awareness. Since 1945 new levels of complexity have indeed emerged, but they have not as yet taken the central stage of our society.

In summary, 1945 is the demarcation point from where the human species is required by the planet, all life on Earth, by the necessity of survival to be conscious that the  species has entered into a new level of creativity and that creativity requires the level of consciousness that at the very least is a planetary consciousness. Humanity moved to a highly significant level of planetary effect in 1945. So although there was a wave that led us to that point, the actual detonation of the bomb over Hiroshima was an unmistakable event, an exclamation mark.

67 years before 2012

Can we tie 1945 to 2012, is there a connection?

What followed the war was a boom in economics and a flowering of counter culture in the mid sixties. Computer technology has come of age and the availability of information indicates a new landscape. The exclamation mark of the atomic age has triggered new frequencies of consciousness that are the expression of the evolutionary imperative as we see by the emerging new levels of complexity of Neptune, Pluto, Chiron (and Pholus Enchantments.)
However all of this has happened within human society but what about something cosmic, some external. To refresh your memory on how I finished part two…

The alternative consciousness movement and new breaking sciences are eroding the systems’ stranglehold from the inside; however it still looks like we need an external stimulus to shift.

The Challenge; Can we tie in 1945 with 2012 and an external stimulus that can shift our species consciousness?

At this point I need to remind you that 2012 is calling our attention to the greater cosmos. The Maya Calendar suggests that Earth is subject to cyclic events that are linked to Galactic cycles. The Maya were a shamanic culture and their deities have been shown to be personifications of planets, stars and the dark riff close to the Galactic centre. Their metaphysics, their measurement of time is encoded with cosmic significance there is no argument from standard archaeology that the Maya priesthood focused heavily upon the heavens above and that they developed sophisticated maps for time that point to evolutionary epochs. Academia might not recognize that the dates they point to are significant but they can recognize the Maya had a cosmic shamanism.

The relevance to ‘the challenge’ is that the 21-12-12 date is an artifact of cosmic focus by a shamanic culture. The external stimulus needed to get us to look at our whole planet and recognize the planet is not separate from the plasmic ocean it travels in… has to be in the area of the Cosmic-Galactic-Space Age phenomena.

Now it is true that in the 1950s humans were put into orbit around our Earth and since then in the decades that followed our telescope technology has greatly increased our information of the Galaxy and the Universe. We are starting to peer out towards space, this has had an effect. However it has not shifted the fundamental materialistic paradigm of consciousness. I still reiterate we are need some kind of external; cosmic interference. So is there any and can it be linked to 1945?

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Yes Indeed.

In 1947 the Modern UFO era was fully established. The Roswell Incident.
ET arrived big time and it has been noted. Not so much little green men, but little grey men and all manner of humanoid beings from throughout the cosmos.

The whole Extra-terrestrial and Alien Visitor Craft paradigm is a quagmire of information. Within this data sphere of ET study we see a spectrum of perceptional distortion and differing perspectives, Government cover ups, (not all of that is malevolent) and an active and organized agenda of misinformation. All of this adds up to a bewildering task for the casual observer to ascertain any clear sense of truth concerning the extraordinary phenomena of alien visitation.
Despite the fact that millions and millions of people believe that ET is visiting us and that millions of people have seen UFOs and had encounters with extra-terrestrials and ultra terrestrials (see…..) the subject remains a taboo for academic, scientific and… well just about anyone who needs to be considered legitimate in the Corporate world.
It is considered a joke subject not suitable for grown ups, responsible citizens or the intellectually astute.

I often come across those who believe that UFology may have some truth to it, but will quickly counter that with “we need to sort our own planet out first”, especially alluded to is the environment.

However the whole subject does attract some of the cream of science, academia and ‘serious people’ such as astronauts, pilots, engineers, military officers, governmental officials and such like.

My Position after a life time’s interest, some experience and study

It is not an irrelevant subject to the environmental situation, the political situation, economic situation, energy situation, sociological situation or to the spiritual seeker. In fact it is probably one of the most relevant subjects. For the implications of this reality seriously challenge our whole idea on who we are, how Earth has evolved, our future, our technology, how we can evolve and solve our problems on Earth

What I am going to endeavor to present to you, is the basic agreed upon story from within the field and the major differing perspectives from within that context. I will be looking at it from the 2012 and Enchantments positions.

Before we proceed to meet ET, let us just emphasize the sense of being in the ‘transformational intensification era’

We can say with certainty that the next 67 years after 2012 is going to be a most radical transformation. Therefore it very interesting that the Maya Calendar whether by conscious design or subconscious intuition pinpoints the year 2012 as a change of cycle in the midst of an extraordinary evolutionary epoch.

If you can recognize the 2012 date stands approximately in the middle of a window of change then you will not be as unconscious of the 2012 date as most. The mainstream are waiting to wake up in January 2013 and say, see nothing happened. The New Age will be suffering disillusionment if there was not ascension on December 21st 2012. Both schools of thought miss the message that is implicit within the date. A large cycle of time (at least 5,125 years maybe a whole Precessional cycle or half a one of 13,000 years) is ending and a new one is beginning, that means there is a window of decades for transformation and opportunity that requires our conscious engagement.  

We can not dismiss the date if the world does not appear to be completely different in a 24 hour or 12 month period.

A radical transformation means not just more progress of the same kind, it won’t just be extraordinary technology, it has to be linked to the implications that have led us to being able to develop extraordinary technology and the implications of that technology.

I would say that it is a completely new understanding of life, of time, space and reality. This understanding fits with a planetary consciousness.

art by Gulwan 

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