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2012 is the Beginning : Part Four

A Planetary Civilization Interacts with Other Species

Continuing my paper on the emergence of a planetary civilization here on Earth--linked to the consciousness shift associated with the 2012 era. This is a work in progress not yet edited or crafted.

In approaching the question of ET we cannot forget the developmental map of reality.

 As in all things there are levels of reality to the Extra-terrestrial phenomenon, whether it is sightings of UFOs or contact with the multitude of beings that have interacted with humanity.

One aspect of the field that is either ignored or used to explain away all of it (as in the work of Ultra-terrestrials) is the involvement of the elemental kingdom. I have covered this elsewhere so will only touch upon it here. The elemental kingdom reflects and models the human imagination and all the visitations that enter into the planetary field of energy and consciousness. Some of the abductions fall under the guise of psychic interactions with elementals. This is just one component.

One of the most outstanding researchers in the field was Dr John Mack who was a Harvard Professor of Psychology (his label in USA being Professor of psychiatry, but his work was not isolated to mere brain chemistry and behaviour-ism). He worked with those who alleged to have abduction experiences and his summation of this was that yes there was a subjective factor in abductions, but also quite clearly an objective reality. A study of his work shows how our engagement with ET can not be neatly wedged into the idea of a subject-object division of reality. ET amongst other things including the elemental kingdom, transgresses the demarcation between matter and imagination. As soon as we enter into experience of the astral/emotional body and astral density we leave behind the surety of material physics.

One of the most comprehensive visions of Alien visitation is through the work of Dr Stephen Greer’s Disclosure Project. Apart from reading some of his work I have watched something like 30 hours of video with Dr Greer speaking or his interviews. As a military Doctor he and his team have interviewed over 400 of the military elite and intelligence community, scientists, air traffic controllers and those who had worked on covert corporate projects. The four hour basic documentary The disclosure Project available online for free is essential viewing for anyone wishing to start to understand the extra-terrestrial situation. The film is very powerful because it is human testimony on record, which is admissible as evidence in a court of law. The Project is not some ‘Johnny come lately flash in the pan’ adrenalin exploratory ride. Dr Greer started the project in 1994, has survived attacks on his life and retained his axiom of spirituality. He has led groups on meditations, mostly in the desert, that has resulted in Craft visitation and telepathic communication. His perspective on ET is that they are more evolved and are benevolent.

Drawing from the findings of the Disclosure project and many other sources

The Roswell incident did involve a genuine AVC (Alien Visitor Craft), bodies were recovered and obviously so was the remnants of the craft itself. This event although not the only one, well and truly initiated the modern UFOlogy era and the reverse engineering of Alien technology. It is also suggested that this was a watershed for contact between the covert government and certain species of ET.

 By 1947 the term Flying Saucer was coined.

Here are some quotes from The-Disclosure Project Briefing-Document

According to an article in the April 1, 1966 issue of Life magazine, between June 1947 and early 1966, 10,147 UFO sightings had been reported. The term "flying saucers" itself sprang from private pilot Kenneth Arnold’s experience on June 24, 1947 near Mount Rainier, Washington. He saw a formation of nine rapidly moving disc-shaped objects while flying in a small plane. In the wild publicity and wave of sightings that followed during the summer of 1947, the term "flying saucers" was coined by the popular press.
The Roswell Incident: On July 2, 1947, an object crashed into a remote field on rancher William "Mac" Brazel’s land. Mr. Brazel reported hearing a loud explosion during a severe thunderstorm. The next morning, he discovered debris scattered over an area which may have spanned fifty acres. Mr. Brazel notified the local sheriff’s office who in turn called the Army. The case created a stir when the 509th Bomb Group at the Army Air Force Base at Roswell Field, New Mexico, officially released to the press the astounding story that a flying saucer had crashed near Roswell. The Public Information Officer at the base who released the story to the press was First Lieutenant Walter Haut, who still lives in Roswell. The Roswell Daily Record ran the story on the front page in bold headlines: "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region." Two days later, the Army recanted, issuing a second press release claiming that only a weather balloon had crashed.

According to Dr Greer’s witnesses the whole Alien project went covert and into the hands of a secret cabal by 1952-53. Agreements were also made with ET races. It should be noted that there was a major sighting of a fleet over Washington (on Film) during the summer of 1952. According to Carol Rosin, Dr Werner Von Braun an ex-Nazi scientist told here that a false flag, aka fake, ET invasion was being planned in the 1950s for the future. This would serve the agenda of creating more controls and siphoning off more resources for defence, which equates to financial profit, which equates to the real motivator Power.

Dr Greer is now focusing on a secondary project called the Orion Project which concerns the development of free energy. The propulsion systems of AVCs, which involve super-luminal travel, light speed or beyond, opens the door to a whole other level of physics—the physics of toroids and torsion fields. (covered elsewhere). The elegance of this emerging physics is plain to see, but it can not be manifest on Earth until there is a sufficient shift of consciousness. The physics on this level is directly linked to consciousness; we have to reframe our whole perspective on reality before we can have free energy. It should be obvious to you that most of the environmental problems are totally transcended with a relatively free, clean energy. This of course contravenes the psychological development of our present system and the present power elite and their industries.

Dr Greer’s perspective is in contrast to the perspective of Project Camelot. This project interviews whistleblowers who step forward. The project is headed by Kerry and Bill, (now split into two branches Avalon and Camelot). Here the scenario that is most focused on is the threat of ET races, however I feel sure that some of that is disinformation that serves the dark agenda.

To say the situation is complex is understatement—we are talking about the kaleidoscopic enormity of the Galaxy. Humanity will enter into the extraterrestrial community during the next century, in what form is yet to be determined. It could be said that has already happened and to this end the Exopolitical movement has started. Exopolotics is the politics of human and ET affairs.

This paper below Is available here 

Research Study # 4 Published May 30, 2003, by Michael E. Salla, PhD is a fascinating read

Here is a snippet and I feel it has some accuracy to it

A dualistic moral framework, however, is not an accurate basis for understanding ET efforts to influence and/or control human affairs through alliances with clandestine organizations. The complexity of the ET interactions described by different sources suggests that a more complex dynamic between different ET factions exists, and that simple moral categories such as benevolent/good and malevolent/evil are misleading. For example, according to Dr Jamisson Neruda who claims to be a ‘whistleblower’ who defected from a clandestine organization embedded within the National Security Agency, there are a number of ET races intervening on the planet with multiple agendas where simple moral categories are insufficient to fully understand the consequences of their activities and influence. Consequently, a ‘triadic framework’ that doesn’t use such misleading moral categories is necessary since this more accurately reflects the dynamics of the ways ETs interact with one another, the rules of intervention that are set and observed by ET races, and the ‘political philosophies’ of these ET races.

The file goes onto describe the ET various factions that include Earth based subterranean reptilians and he categorizes them as comprising of such groups and alliances of species that can be labelled as Good Shepherd, Wise Mentor, Protective Parent alliances from Pleiades, Orion, Sirius and elsewhere.

2012 implicitly asks us to consider our lives within a galactic framework. The extra-terrestrial issue will become much bigger in the ensuing decades. As overwhelming as the subject may appear, it really comes down to consciousness, where we place our attention and how we hold our focus upon what it is we want as a species.  It is not down to us to have total control of the Earth, but it would seem that the bigger picture requires more conscious attention. Our own consciousness is the commodity.

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