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2012 is the Beginning : Part Six


Is there a large planetary body and/or a Brown Dwarf ‘star’ referred to with various names as Planet X, Niburu, Wormwood, Nemesis or Marduk,  returning.  More pertinently and more dramatically are the reptilian creator gods that live there soon to be revisiting us here on Earth?

I will categorically say that yes, in some shape, form or density the creator gods from the distant past have a cyclical visitation to planet earth. What is more they are on there way. They have never totally left, but they are well and truly returning ‘soon.’
One or more species who are on a higher stage of technology than us—whom are related to us on a physical level—are returning. This species or these species’ are involved in our evolution. Many species are or have been involved in our evolution, but the ones I speak of, although they are more advanced than us they are on a relatively low order of evolution in the greater cosmic scheme of things.

They are returning and what’s more we know it.

Planets Move Through the Space and Time of the Cosmic Ocean

I predict that Global governance (which is already emerging) will have reached a significant stage of development by 2030 where the issues of life beyond Earth and our relationships with extra terrestrials will be in the public domain. Although the specifics are unknowable the general momentum towards a planetary civilization are unstoppable. Planetary issues as I have already stated include the interactions and influences of incoming energies and other humanoid species.

A planetary council or assembly, something along the lines I have described, is a natural outgrowth of the evolution of the scale of society. At each stage of development more life is inclusively recognized as part of one’s self interest. Sophisticated spiritual consciousness does not arise from a ‘goody two shoes’ approach but from the expanded complexity of that which is in your interest as you (the individual or your culture) becomes increasingly interconnected with more life. Expanded self interest gradually opens the heart, the heart centre is the portal to direct immersion in collective consciousness, and the open heart feels the energy exchange between self and other. We do not at present really feel the reality of space---the cosmic plasma-- that this planet exists in, but the visceral feeling will increase dramatically soon.


Even on a low level of consciousness such as a dictatorship or mafia, other people’s interests have to be taken into account for the sake of survival of the self and the organization. To get what you want you have to give something. The larger the community, the greater the degree of reliance on others each party has. We can see from history how in the long run invading conquering empires are cross pollinated by those that they overpower. It takes time but the conquest of another is never total, for a relationship is formed and cross fertilization of culture eventually erodes the dominance of the subjugators.

Our natural world, the bedrock of nature did not arise in isolation from the rest of the cosmos—the sense of earth as an isolated laboratory, a walled off compound is an extraordinarily unscientific theory.

 All manner of species have contributed aspects of themselves and their genetic code to co-create the diversity of life forms we see on our planet. This contribution of genetic code or consciousness from other species’ is motivated by all manner of self interests from the high end to the low end. By low end we are talking about opportunist species that have come to plunder the natural resources of this planet, create slave labour, harvest life force energy and gain a food supply for its own people.

When we are looking at the greater duration of time that is involved with a species that has been involved with our evolution through invasion, genetic manipulation and genetic contribution we are looking at a complex relationship with unavoidable mutual interests.

The energy transference involved over the duration when one species enters another planet and genetically co-creates or alters another species for its own, eventually means that the ‘alien gods’ own evolution is tied to that of their creations. Even on a genetic level DNA has been found to be a transmitter and receiver of light, DNA is an information highway of life experience. Life experience is harvested as essential information for evolution and survival by the genetic structure within the cell and travels throughout the matrix of those who share similar code. Light travel is not limited by locality; the information encoded in light is transferred instantaneously with all resonant receivers.

The advancement of technology and the evolution of Consciousness are intimately interconnected

Alien Visitor Crafts from other star systems utilize various kinds of what we can loosely describe as ‘torsion-spin’ technologies, this enables them to be free from the limitations of time and space that we are. To travel through the time/space field to this extent requires an engagement with the level of reality that transcends the time/space continuum. The levels of reality beyond what we perceive to be physical. Advanced species of humanoids are conscious of the subtle material energies that are meshed with the emotional and mental aspects of the psyche and the universe. To travel beyond time/space involves the use of the mind, for you are travelling to some extent through the realm of the mind or connected to the minds plane of existence. Classic UFO sightings show speeds and responses that are directed by the mind. As has been documented countless times the Alien Visitor responses to attacks by our military planes involve telepathic knowledge of a pilot’s intention. Many public witnesses report the sensation that the crafts are interacting with the observers on a telepathic level.

To reiterate; each developmental stage of evolution experiences a larger context of reality than the previous one, each expansion of context comes with greater interconnection. The many different developmental studies of psychology and sociology clearly show this.  Each expanded level is connected with more of existence and therefore experiences a greater degree of consequence.

The more advanced visitors, are more evolved, they are therefore more connected to the immediacy of consequence. Personal interest is therefore more refined, to blunder in and interfere with us on planet Earth has huge consequences for them and the Alien visitors of the higher order get an instant sense of the consequences of their actions, they experience the consequential energy feedback almost instantly. A humanoid that is in our atmosphere has a responsibility—that is felt within their being—to their own species. Would you want to get involved with sorting out the conflicts of a gang in the Bronx? Perhaps you would if you live in New York and that gang is affecting the neighborhood, but you would have to have a subtle strategy. If you just went in their and shot all the gang members you are going to create a whole load more problems, those gang members have loved ones, they are part of a bigger community, there are repercussions for violent intervention—as the invading nations of today are discovering on a larger scale.

Secondly short term interventions, such as stopping wars, will not create lasting change, the destructive symptoms of our society have causes. Advanced extra-terrestrial races are more concerned with guiding us subtly so that the causes can be addressed; only we can fully address the root of our problems, we can be helped but we have to change ourselves.

The ‘data’ (which I will be introducing) suggests…

At this stage I want to introduce an important point before we can empirically test reality, create an experiment if you like, there has to be a theoretical model. If you do not know what you are testing in a broad sense you can not be experimental. To find something you need to be looking in the right direction and have intelligent questions. There has to be a viable theory. A viable theory comes from looking at the implications and suggestions from the data available. My work is visionary; it is about exploring the potentials that seem to be on our threshold. The story I am conveying may seem to wild to be viable, to some of you, but I will be introducing the doorways to the data sphere that will enable you to explore for yourself the vast repository of information that this story is derived from.


The data suggests that there is a species that do not have the full access to superluminal travel technology, are not as advanced as the majority of visitors we are seeing. We are talking about a species whose evolution is perhaps on a slightly different trajectory to ours, whom are more advanced in many ways but are not yet …how can we say…spiritually advanced. This species or these species’ have to rely upon travel within time space to some extent; they are more technologically proficient than us—although we are starting to catch up with them. We are starting to catch up, partly because of covert deals with our governments—starting in the early 1950s or before—where partial technology is exchanged for honouring (in a limited way) certain sovereign claims on human life our creator gods presume they have. In their eyes as our co-creators they would claim ownership. It is true there DNA contribution does need to be acknowledged and appreciated, that is why we as a species are involved in negotiations. Negotiations that need some resolution before there home planet, their base of operations is close enough to Earth for them to have a more ‘complete visitation’.

To have a strong hand in this negotiation, more people need to be more conscious so that our frequency is slightly out of range, we need to shift our values from a materially obsessed, adrenalin drama led society driven by short term reactionism towards one that recognizes our true self interest at this time. It is in all of our self interests to sculpt a more humanitarian society. To be more conscious is to have an expanded sense; of our reality, of who we are and how we have evolved.

In the next part we open the doors to the data sphere that surrounds this subject.

Image is based on Andy Lloyd's work which we will talk about soon

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