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2012 is the Beginning : Part Five

The Ground of all being is consciousness, this implies there are no limits to what can manifest as reality. However experience of life clearly shows us that there are limits, there are structures. The structures of a society evolve through stages of ever increasing complexity.

Science is not revealing timeless truth, but partial and temporary truth, this is not an attack on science per se, but mainstream science is close to its limits as the force for our further evolution.

What is the fundamental factor that determines the collective experience of life, what we might call the common reality, the answer is agreement. It is not science for science is ever evolving. To be clear when we use science with the purity of its meaning, we are talking about the empirical observation of reality which is subject to perspective and perception—determined by the general common agreement. In other words the truth of the day, the science of the day starts with built in unconsciously agreed assumptions. The repeatable experiments that prove a theory work within the context of the historical epoch that they are performed in, but the ground of nature is a shifting sliding floor.

Science in the modern sense exists on two levels; one as a crystallized set of established rules, principles, formulae and axioms; secondly at the leading edge as a questioning and testing of the laws established within the mainstream—academia, scientific institution and media. The establishment refines its laws of science very slowly and relatively gradually in a narrow and specific manner. Modern science has become increasingly compartmentalized. Most people who proclaim they are scientific in our world do not do real empirical testing of reality on a regular basis, they just read science from the mainstream media. The independent scientist at the leading edge inspired by intuition has more uncertainty about the ‘established laws’, tends to cross reference different understandings from two or more paradigms within the scientific field and actually tests reality (Pluto Enchantment thinking). The independent research field extends from those who are close to the consensual centre of the institution of science (Uranus and Pluto Enchantment) to those who harbour a completely different value system and essential assumption on reality (Neptune, also Pluto and Chiron Enchantments). In the mainstream the essential assumption is that we are purely physical, the challenging paradigm starts with the assumption that we are consciousness in form.

Is reality mechanistically accurate and determinable by scientific precision? Scientists are adamant that it is, but is that after the fact? 

Coherence in existence comes from a vast repository of cosmic agreement... video interview with Ervin Laszlo here

I would suggest that the world is run by feeling and myth more than reason. Scientists passionately defend their believes and are subject to emotional needs just like all of us. Scientists are reliant on money which sets an agenda, science is a community, it has membership rules. The myth of science is more powerful than the cold reason, the logic, the detached intellect the proof of science’s worth is amongst other things the computer, which is wonderful yet also the atomic bomb is evidently from science not so good, so we cannot presume that evolution is to be led by science alone.

What shapes the assumptions of a new stage of development, a new level of complexity, how do the assumptions emerge? The fundamental of the collective agreement that a stage of development will be built upon come from the background mythology. The stories that form in the collective imagination are gradually refined from a very general potentiality to a more specific potentiality. 

In the world today the powerful determiner of background, subconscious mythology, the emerging story, is television and more powerfully… the most profound and the most popular films. Fiction is given permission to explore reality, the realism of today’s films anchor a virtual experience within the human organism.

Having researched films with the astrological map for the last 15 years or so, I have found that the cool edge of new film footage reflects the new seeded reality potential and reflects the reality of the other dimensions hidden from the consciousness.

Is our experience of life scientific, is it logical? Or is our experience of life more accurately defined by stories. Life has a rational element to it, buried within the narrative of life. Life can be said to be an experience of a story that is not just read to us, but that we are emotionally involved in, co-creating it with our intention, editing it as we go.

Now at this point I need to emphasize that the visionary and the seemingly outlandish co-exists comfortably with the mundane. Our own lives are on one hand existential, just living, normal stuff based on how the world is, what we encounter as we go about our  ‘mundane tasks’. We also explore future potentials in our imagination either consciously through self volition, (research based or just through inspired contemplation) or unconsciously as passive receivers of entertainment or media. The future exists within the astral world; the unseen collective imagination that we walk around in, which through osmosis permeates our personal filtered imagination. Our own fantasy is not completely walled off from the collective imagination, it depends upon the type of fantasy we have. If we use the imagination for sexual stimulation it is very personal, when we use the imagination to envisage the future we are starting to energetically enter the collective consciousness field.

The manifest experience (the agreed upon visceral encounter) forms within the potentiality field of the collective imagination. Reality manifests from and inside subtle energy fields towards denser energy, but the subtle energy sets the overall parameters or context for the particulate or specific reality experience.

We are here to utilize the creative power of the imagination. As co-creative entities we are here to take part in the creative evolution of life throughout existence. The Enchantments show that the complexity of our evolution is moving away from merely receiving the story from experts or appointed priests towards a more democratic contribution to the central mythological bedrock.

The major agreements of reality are up for renegotiation. The move towards Neptune, Pluto and even Chiron Enchantments is an enormous shift and could take a long time. However there is a change, an undeniable instability and a pressure to encompass the new consciousness, presently counter cultural, relativistic, feeling based sense of multidimensionality—the vast landscape presently labeled alternative.

2012 has captured the attention of the public, there is a vast spectrum of belief around it, but the main beliefs are ‘Cataclysm’, ‘non event’ and ‘benevolent reality shift’, with so much energy being focused upon it, 2012 is significant. The world will change by a degree no matter what. For example if nothing much happens the alternative community will be flattened and will have to dig deeper into their understandings. The end of the Mayan cycle coincides with an escalation of Earth changes, totalitarian laws being implemented, belief in a big conspiracy, revolt, civil unrest, potential global financial collapse and increasing concern for the environment.

My proposition is the 2012 is the significator of a planetary civilization emerging here on Earth. I have already introduced what a planetary civilization looks like and will reiterate it is far more complex and benevolent than an economic global village a new world order. A Planetary civilization acknowledges and validates consciousness, subtle energy and spirituality as part of the whole reality.

A quick reminder of two earlier points

As we start to explore reality I have proposed that we find that nature was not god given directly, nor was it a happy accident of natural selection but a chaotic co-creation from many species.

We would seem to require an outside agency to wake us up from the socio centric economic reality to shift consciousness.

In the next section we will look at what might appear to be one of the wildest theories, Planet X, ET invasion and the reptilian creator gods.

The Extra Invasion scenario is well and truly ubiquitous thanks to Hollywood and a growing world wide belief in UFOs as Alien Visitor Craft, based on peoples’ experiences, which include abductions. UFOlogy and its reportage on the internet, entertainment such as Stargate, V, Independence Day and others which have planted a seed within the collective imagination that we expect to be invaded or in conflict with an alien species. Running parallel to hostilities with another species humanity holds a subconscious belief that ET is here to save us.

Even though experts of academia and politicians distance themselves from such ‘nonsense’ the emotional investment in the collective sphere is pretty strong, for sure this is not the only collective vision, but it is one that is growing…

Wanna take a ride?


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