Monday, 15 March 2010

Hello Friends, Both Old and New

Hello Friends, both old and new, and welcome to my new Facebook connections (many of you recently from the USA).

I am off the UK for a month and will be taking a break from the Internet (computer fasting) for about 5 weeks while I am visiting friends, family and seeing clients for astrologically based life change consultations.

This is a very quick introduction to what I am all about.

(Whilst I am away please look out for Dr Anne Hilty, coming soon on Reality Activist Podcasts—a project where I partner up with Daniel Clarke).

A New Paradigm for Understanding Reality

The focus of my lifelong research is based on the evolution of human consciousness, which I present as the Enchantments of Life. Here is a 101 website that gives you an entry into the map.

In the Future, We Will Belong to an Extraterrestrial Humanoid Community

A deep understanding of the Enchantments—and integral maps in general—shows that at the heart of life, there is a hierarchy of scales of community membership in evolution on Earth, where the concept of individual superiority seems less and less appropriate.

The Enchantments is a fusion of astrology with developmental theory, often called integral theory, based on psychological and sociological levels that reflect the whole story of human evolution.

My take on evolution also encompasses advanced ancient civilizations, the extraterrestrial presence, the 2012 phenomena and psychotropic and shamanic experience. My map emphasizes that consciousness and the energy field perspective is primary to understanding reality.

For Those Who Know the Enchantments: Two More Enchantments

Later this year I will be presenting two new Enchantments in my map that I have been researching for quite some time, Ceres and Jupiter Enchantments. These two Enchantments fit in between Red Mars and Blue Saturn Enchantments. I will also be sharing more sophisticated explanations that elucidate why the Enchantments of Life is at the frontier of understanding the evolutionary impulse of the life force.

After several years investigating the data available, coupled with experience from my own and other people’s lives, I am confident when I claim that the integral system known as Spiral Dynamics has reduced four distinct levels to two (no criticism of Spiral Dynamics intended).

The two new levels effectively change the whole view, the whole story of life on Earth. The colour I have assigned to the Ceres Enchantment is Lime (innocence) and for Jupiter Enchantment it is Maroon (potentiality).

For Astrologers

The Enchantments of Life is a pioneering development of astrology which shows and reflects that the planets represent levels of reality, as well as radiant field archetypes, and that the cyclical nature of planetary orbits emphasized in the astrology chart do not occur on a flat plane in space—everything spirals and vortexes in time as well as space as the Sun moves through the galaxy and the galaxy moves through the cosmos.

For Integralists and Psychologists

The Enchantments of Life recognizes the superb work done by Ken Wilber, as well as many others developmentalists who have contrasting positions and perspectives to Ken. It also recognizes the value of psychology for its lucidity in explaining the mechanics of evolution.

However, the Enchantments map emphasizes that the substance of existence, the context for psychology, transgresses the divide between objective reality and subjective reality and therefore, as it turns out, dissolves the absolutes of a crystallized linearity to human evolution.

What I am proposing is that the evolutionary pictures and integral maps I have seen miss the involution of the soul, the consciousness that ‘descends’ into linear time–space. The implications of involution are extraordinary … stay tuned.

I look forward to learning more about some of the exciting ideas being discussed by my FB connections when I get back.

Bye for now,


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