Thursday, 11 March 2010

Attention!... it is the age of

I am delighted to see that Wikipedia now has an entry for the "attention age" as the age following on from the information age. This is something I have been crowing on about for years, hooorah.....

The Industrial Age is linked to the marker of 1 billion people on Earth; the Information Age indicator is about 3 billion; the Attention Age is allied to about 6.5 billion people on planet Earth. Why is this tied to population? Because more people mean a more complex global system -- more abundant, more adaptive.

The consciousness/energy age, which is consciousness allied to energy, will be here as we approach a population of 10 billion, from as early as 2035, or maybe 2050.

The upshot of that is that the door between consciousness and our technological civilization will be well and truly open, which means a post-technological age emerges and the environment is reframed as a conscious energy field, rather than a physical system.

Psychically Fecund Environment

A post-technological society is on the horizon, as technology is subsumed or subservient to consciousness, via the medium of energy fields.

Looking at the Fibonacci system, you can see how it reflects the exponential spiral growth of complex systems. You eventually get to a network of bifurcations that look like a brain. The Internet of course is the forerunner for the consciousness web of Earth, as suggested by the Internet map below...

Turquoise Enchantment
(The Human-Earth Direct Feedback Loop)

The emergence of global consciousness is allied to 2012, which measures cycles of the Earth's relationship with the Galaxy it lives in. 2012 marks the point when the planet rapidly starts to wake up to itself as a Timeship in the Galaxy. Humanity will be increasingly cognizant of this in the decades that follow 2012, thus reinforcing the Earth's self-awareness.

One billion is a fractal of 10 billion. The next age is a jump or change of civilization that is comparable to the shift humanity experienced in tandem with the emergence of the industrial and scientific age.

If you replace the data routes in the Internet map above with timelines, I suggest you will have a vision of Mr Multiverse.

For those who have not yet seen my piece on "Why The World Needs 10 Billion", it is here

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