Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Ever-Present Cosmic Immanence

Linear time runs from the past to the future, while the fractal time of the Sacred Mayan calendar runs from the centre of existence into time as we know it. The Sacred calendar, also known as the tzolkin, is an expression of the descending, involuting and immanent quality of time.

The time/space field—which is the four-dimensional substance, the combination of time and space as we know it—is a continuum that runs on a curvature. It has a cyclical quality that spirals from past to future, expanding out and curling around the central creation point of our galaxy. In time/space the future is resonant with the past.

The Sacred Mayan calendar integrates the archaic with the futuristic, the shamanic with the technological, expressing the essence of the gestational realm. The pulsing waves of each day arise from the centre of the toroidal universe, like ripples on a pond that spread out towards the shore of our time/space reality.

By following the 260-day pulse, we feel the subtle presence of a more refined order of existence and we move into resonance with Earth’s relationship with the galaxy, and subsequently with our planet’s self-awakening as a timeship—a being of light that carries its history, all human artefact and all fields of consciousness within itself.

In riding the waves of the 260-day rhythm, we become conduits for the galactic civilization of Earth’s future, where our social membership will extend beyond the Internet, beyond the Earth, to start the next adventure of evolution into extraterrestrial human societies. By surfing the galactic plasma, we connect to the essence of nature as well as the totality of human endeavour in the potent awesome present, inviting our Immortal Self to join us here on Earth in the life we lead today.

follow the 260 day pulse here

My experiential research suggests that the consciousness I talk of here is the human level of existence I call Turquoise Chiron Enchantment, which is resonant with, and yet a higher level of complexity than, the shamanic dreamtime of the ancients. The 2012 era is pulling human society towards this level of awareness. However, 2012 is not the point of full manifestation of a society led by this existential awe-filled connectedness, but rather the activation of this level of consciousness, made increasingly accessible through individuals who have adequately experienced the previous Enchantments. The ever-increasing population of those centred in the Turquoise Chiron Enchantment will lead humanity to the future manifestation of Earth’s galactic civilization.

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The Enchantments of Life is an integral map that I am continuously refining. Thus far the model references the body of work and wisdom of Ken Wilber, Spiral Dynamics, Dr Clare Graves and other developmental psychologists, sociologists and cultural studies, as well as my own exploration of consciousness and astrological and mystical research.

Unlike standard integral thinking, my Enchantments of Life map utilizes the evidence of astrology, acknowledges extraterrestrial existence and keeps asking the questions concerning the mysteries of the ancient world, whilst responding to the developments in social relationship triggered by the growth of the Internet and technological advances.

The term ‘Enchantment’ specifically describes the developmental levels as viewed from Turquoise Chiron consciousness. It is my proposition that on this level of existence the environment is completely reframed as a conscious field of energy, thus moving beyond the context of our present environmental concerns. I suggest that the major Earth changes occurring now are a product of the permeation of cosmic plasma as an agency of the Earth’s self-awakening.

Likewise, the reoccurring anxiety about the ‘population explosion’ can be better understood as a good and natural by-product of the evolving, complex, living and conscious system of Planet Earth.

The challenge of our times is to increase awareness as the precursor to action and response.

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