Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Just a Thought (Delicous)

Changing the shape of things to come

I started writing a blog the other day and it has turned into 18 pages, ah well … here then is just a morsel.

We are due for another revolution that will rival the drama brought about by Copernicus.

Nicolaus Copernicus' realization that the Earth was moving through space may well have already been understood in ancient civilizations, who were perhaps of a different stream of evolution (for example, the Atlantean root race), or had been taught by extraterrestrial visitors.

However, the fact remains that Copernicus' 'metaphysical vision' was at the time seen as an anarchy, an irrational and idiotic suggestion to many, if not most, of the academics of his day. The truth is that science jumps ahead through intuitive vision as it leaves old assumptions behind.

What could rival the Heliocentric view. What could be next?

I feel it is the recognition that Earth is a timeship, not a spaceship, but a timeship. We are either moving through time, or time is moving through us. To be clear, I am not the first to suggest something along these lines.

A whole new horizon appears

If we recognize that our relationship with the substance of time is directly through our consciousness (for example, linear time is symbiotically entwined with linear mind) and is of a radically different order of existence compared to our relationship with space, we will have a whole new view of our placement in existence. In due course, we will have a whole new experience of reality.

Act 1 Scene 1
Door opens: in steps Mr Multiverse, “let me tell you about history……”