Monday, 17 December 2012

The 21.12.2012 Celebration

We live in a thriving, vital planetary organism that is in the midst of a great drama.

The field of planetary life is seeking a vastly expanded connectedness and consciousness within itself—this is obvious to virtually everyone who takes any time to ponder the world around us today.

Now is the time to step up to the plate and empower the Winter Solstice moment, a moment that marks the turning point of an evolutionary era. The Solstice is the ideal time for a celebration.

 Here on Lamma Island, I will be leading a group in a Shamanic Ceremony. This is now full; however, I would like to share the essence of the ceremony with you so that you can do your own thing. The ceremony I have planned will be more intricate—you can elaborate upon the ceremony in whatever way you feel guided.

Stepping Into the New Era with a New Version of the Story To feel truly connected, we are called upon to inhabit the moment—that is the simple spiritual truth; to enjoy life as it is.

 The exact moment of the Winter Solstice this year falls on 21st December at 11:11 GMT. This is a moment that requires celebrating. Greenwich Mean Time (also known as Universal Time, which anchors the time–space grid of the Earth) for the Solstice is 11:11 (in Hong Kong this is 7:11pm). The numerical code reveals to us that this is a gateway moment; a dimensional doorway is opening on the subtle planes. This Winter Solstice is a seed moment on an epic scale. The vast scale of reality to consider on the Solstice is the Earth’s relationship with the Cosmos, specifically with the Galaxy. What is occurring is the turning of an evolutionary wheel, a change of emphasis for our consciousness. This is an event on the subtle planes of existence that will continue to impact and change the experience of life for decades and centuries to come. This is the end of history as we know it and the recalibration of our species’ script.

After this moment, the past scripts will of course continue to run—but they will feel increasing tired; they will not endure, they will not fully nourish us with a rich drama worthy of our attention. In the year 2013, many people will already regard the Mayan end date as insignificant, but we know that the present is conditioned by the past… the continuum of time and the life scripts that emerge spring from powerful seed points in time. By celebrating the Solstice we are aligning with a momentous occasion, acknowledging the awe of creation and empowering our own lives with grandeur. To make it real it must be personal, so to this end I suggest you personalize the Solstice in a way that is resonant with the grand scale.

We can empower ourselves by writing a short version of our personal history, then releasing this on the Solstice by burning it. We can then open up to receiving the new pulse that emanates from the Solstice moment as the world turns towards the light during this shift of the eras. By releasing our life story, we allow a new version of that life story to emerge. A new perspective, a new energy thread—and this will be the foundation for the renewal of our life experience in the new era.

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