Sunday, 30 December 2012

Register Your Vision in the New Era


We are in the Midst of a Change Bigger than the Industrial Revolution...

We are living in it now.

The cultural myth is more important than the scientific consensus.

Change the myth to change the science and you then change the social system, the financial system and the industry.

The crisis of the environment is the crisis of consciousness it is a crisis of transformation.

The environment is highly charged with an enormous amount of new energy, that is flooding in from the cosmos, this energy has to be utilized consciously, it is the fuel of the evolution of consciousness, which converts to the new stage of human culture, experiencing reality in a larger psychic and psychological landscape.

Climate instability is due to the cosmic influx.

Environmental destruction creating imbalances in the ecological system, violence and pollution are the problems in our environment. The Global Warming meme is a red herring. 

To change the myth, we have to ‘go back’ in order to go forward, we have to ‘go back’, review our history,  revise the story of our origins, reconsider the nature of a human being and the nature of life itself.

Truth is always partial, evidence is never complete, but we, as a species, come to an agreement, mostly inadvertently, through our collective imagination, through the dialectic and then we find the evidence that we need for a larger truth. The search is for a story that is more complex, more sophisticated one that serves the need for a greater embrace of more of reality. A more inclusive truth is required, enabled for and by the increasing population of the human species.

The population and resource crisis, ie the idea that there is not enough to go around, is due to an inadequate system, an outdated socio-economic system that is presently in a fragile state.

The greatest resource on planet Earth is the collective consciousness of our species, it has to be harnessed more creatively, in order to use the increased energy within the planetary organism.

The planetary organism is the totality of Earth within the domain of its consciousness and electro-magnetic energy field.

We live within the Earth, we are an integral and crucially important part of the Earth’s own evolutionary project. 

The mainstream structure, the psychic landscape of ; science,  media, education, the power industry, the economic system, political system etc has served us well, it has served the evolution of consciousness and to some extent still does, but increasingly the returns are diminishing as we are in the flux state between cultures.

Your vision of life is your creative contribution to the canvas of the psychic plasma from which the new cultural myth will emerge in the decades to come. There is some urgency, an immediacy of the next three years to accelerate the cultural transformation.

The complete transformation will take a long time and involves the psychic energy of millions and millions of people, but we are far more interconnected now so your vision is influential. 

We are having an adventure of consciousness, an awesome adventure.

Your ability to recognize the epic drama of our times, to take a moment to be in wonder at the grand scale of life on Earth, to conceive and envision the journey we are in the midst of is a treasure.

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