Friday, 23 November 2012

Transmission of Intention


The Eclipse Ceremony and Noosphere Upload has brought me the connection and clarity to my life work that I required. It came in the shape of a vision centred around the word composition.

My sense of life purpose has always been strong, in the last two years it has been rattled with the knowledge that I have only been reaching a very small amount of people with my vision.

My consultations and Shamanic ceremonies have continued to be successful but the great project I have undertaken had started to feel almost like an indulgence, my faith has been challenged.

The release of my limited edition book has been satisfying, I released it in-house so to speak without even trying to promote it widely to see if those who know something of the Enchantments Work understand where I am coming from. The feedback has given me the green light to keep working on the next two books, which are at the centre of the vision. People who have had some exposure to The Enchantments of Life have recognized the depth of the work, there is a lot of experiential research and independent inquiry gone into it. 

My relative freedom and isolation from mass mindsets means that I have been able to access and connect to a realm that is an innovation of innovation. This does require trust and resilience. A project that is not based on financial profit, is always challenging. I do feel though that more financial flow is coming.

However the personal rewards are actually far greater, the journey itself is rewarding.
The composition is a piece of art, a visionary artefact to be registered in the collective consciousness that stimulates the emergence of a planetary civilization. 


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