Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Thoughtform Recorded History Will End

Today One Earthmover in the Sacred Maya Calendar, I have received confirmation that the exact Solstice moment, 11:11 GMT, is the precise point when the timeline changes.

This is why you want to release your story to get the upgrade, which is to say, to come into resonance with the new timeline and the new story. I have stayed tuned into the Maya Long Count, especially recently, with many ceremonies.

If you cut through the noise of the world you can feel it for yourself. The Thirteen Baktun Cycle is 5,125 years long approximately, this cycle started on 3114 BCE, the birth of the thoughtform designated as recorded history.

 The evidence of Izapa, (JMJ) suggests that the 2012 era (1980-2016 approx) is the completion of a Galactic Spin, the much touted ‘26,000 year cycle’, an evolutionary epoch of human cultural evolution.

 Now the question is, whether this is also an end of a Sun, an Aeon? There is no absolute evidence that I have seen that confirms that scale of change, but it is very possible with the 13 Baktun cycle ending on the Winter Solstice at 11:11.

 Either way the timeline(s) is changing.

Visualize a door opening on the exact moment of the Solstice if you want to be connected


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