Sunday, 4 November 2012

For a Miracle

Join me on my quest for a miracle—for many miracles, for many people. For the miraculous to enter  our lives, we need to call upon the light, for it is the light that is miraculous.

The New Age is derided for its use of the words 'light' and 'energy', but you know, the more intellectual research that I do, the more appropriate these simple terms really are. So let us call upon the light and then create some time and space to allow its arrival. A miracle is not so fantastical when we recognize that life in general is miraculous by its very nature; furthermore, we experience little miracles all the time. The idea that the miraculous is far away is because of a wall of thought that causes the ever-present extraordinary truth of reality to be veiled from our awareness. Miracles are commonplace, so shift your perception now if you want the conscious experience of them.

I am just back from a trip to England. It was an intense month; beautiful, connecting, emotionally challenging, with some good surprises and with some sadness. I managed to do some of my best-ever consultation work, whilst recognizing that there are limits to what I can do for some people, especially with the limitation of one single consultation. I have to say that despite the general challenge of the world, there is still great energy in the everyday realm. For example, my experience of London this year has been really enlivening—the city is buzzing. 

Painting: The City by LjL

Urban Isolation by LjL

Many people are having a tough time. Just before the trip, someone I know died; just after the trip, I hear of a client who has had a horrible accident with what seems to be terrible consequences. There have also been many accounts of debilitating illness recently. This year is living up to its promise as the intensification of emotional energy continues.

 Cosmic Interface by LjL

This intensification is due to the cosmic influx pushing the human system to evolve, whilst the social structure continues to contract as a reaction against the evolutionary impulse. The result is a planet in chaos, as the old social structure erodes and old coping methods are rehashed. This will continue for some time within the mainstream. However, I am not focusing on the general environment, rather I am focusing on the opportunities for those of us who seek to interact with the slowly emergent Noospheric realm of planetary consciousness. 

Building the Noosphere by LjL

The desire to break free from the stifling social environment of outworn values and rigid beliefs creates the desire to touch and be touched by the miraculous, for healing, vitality and anxiety-free living, to be connected to the energy that is forming in the etheric template, the planetary overmind, and which fuels the ether and the etheric vitality body. 

The quantum vacuum is either the ether itself, or more likely the interface between the physical form and the vitality of the ether. Physicists are observing the energy waves from the etheric as particles on this side of the interface, but it is the organic intelligence of the ether that provides all of the energy for material life. It is only with the presence of the etheric vital force of nature that life survives and flourishes.

The more the internet grows, the more vitality is created and this helps the emergence of the post-technological Noosphere, a psychic net forming in the realms of the ether and the etheric template. The world of thoughts is a world of substance that science is looking at, but science cannot believe what it is seeing. You, on the other hand, are not limited by the attitude of the laboratory, for you are already experiencing the vitality of life as a conscious life form. Light from the ether comes into the physical world on a quantum level, affecting that which we call the physical. Instant or rapid physical transmutations can and do occur all the time.

 Bliss by LjL

Call It In

-->How do we start? To begin, we simply begin as best we can—a rough intent is framed. We now need some miracles, for the mainstream is offering us less. Do not go to sleep in the world being offered; wake up to the immanent miraculous. 

I started by painting the idea of framing the intent. This then anchored and reinforced my intention, followed by a heartfelt desire to send out the desire for a miracle, painted in a two-minute flurry, with a sense of reaching up into the ether. 

The idea, sculpted in the imagination, then takes flight, even though it is without a distinct form.

The call, the prayer, the energized intent then creates a skeletal pathway to the higher realms. From this, a tree forms after I cut up the picture and painted each section separately before putting it back together. As every shaman knows, once you have a tree you can access the underworld, middle world and upper world, with all of their spirits and helpers.

Then you call upon your shamanic spirits, with the proviso that they serve your higher self. The spirits are those that you intuitively perceive, often animals you are attracted to. Here are some of my shamanic paintings:

 Queen Bee Spirit by LjL

 Urban Insect Warrior by LjL

 Tree Spirit Summons by LjL

This is a reminder to enlist help. You cannot do it all yourself. Remember the proviso though—ask only for spirits who will serve your higher self.

 The World of Crow by LjL

I find the Crow is an excellent spirit for accessing the inner shamanic realms. He has a feisty attitude  and is comfortable within close (but not too close) proximity to the modern world and yet serves the Goddess as a messenger on the deepest level.

In the Heart of the Forest by LjL

It may be that you connect to plant or mineral spirits more than animals.

Nature Intelligence by LjL

If you have trouble believing that the spirits of nature can help you on your quest for a miracle, look all around you and remind yourself of the sophisticated intelligence that has created your body and all of the natural world in which we have our existence.

The Quest by LjL

 Sussex Downs by LjL

The Quest on the Miracle Road

The spirit of the miraculous illuminates the road ahead, illuminates the next step and the next action. At any point along this road a sudden shift or a surprising and magnificent gift can manifest. Observe the miraculous all around you and turn up the volume of the wondrous in your life.

 Joy by LjL

Life is not easy, we should not kid ourselves, but it is our birthright to feel the joy of being alive, for no matter that life is often hard, it is still a miracle. The intelligent response to reality is awe.

Central Sun by LjL

Expand the context of your awareness. Think of the incredible scale of size and power that we find with the stars; consider the birth of worlds and the creation of galaxies.

 Birth of New Worlds by LjL

The Light Encloses all Realms by LjL

ET Waiting in the Shadows by LjL

The cosmos is alive on all scales of creation. It is outrageously populated with all manner of beings.

We call in the light by taking our awareness up the scale of existence. We can likewise go down the scale into the lower kingdoms before attempting to bridge our everyday life.

Microcosmic by LjL

The internet interfaces with the next scale of communal consciousness, the Noosphere, so it is from here that we can upload our requests to the slowly emerging planetary consciousness.

 Funk by LjL (Dedicated to Dominic and the Machine Elf collective)





Thank you and Blessings

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