Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Download from the Noosphere

Noospheric Light by LjL

After completing the article yesterday, Portal Opening (see below) I had a fabulous ceremony.

The whole thing took about 4 hours, starting at 5.40am (Hong Kong time). The moment of the eclipse was 6.09am and I just sat quietly for a short while on my roof terrace and felt the still moment of the eclipse. Then I set out on a quest into the hills nearby, overlooking the sea, questing for the intention for the ceremony. The intention was clear and strong. I then walked to my special place, which is virtually always deserted, walking through the overgrown paths, stomping loudly in case of snakes.

The ceremony was basic and very organic in its composition. After creating the Circle and rattling for 30 minutes, I was in the enhanced trance state. Then as I lay down the Sun came out from behind the clouds and I journeyed to the Upper World.

What followed was a stream of inspiration that truly felt like a download from the Noosphere. I am ecstatic, really thrilled by it, and the whole day has been incredibly creative -- even though I only managed four and half hours sleep last night.

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