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When any of us as individuals go through a fundamental life change, we are exposed to more of who we are, we learn more truth about ourselves, this is generally uncomfortable.

The process of change involves an acknowledgement of an area of ourselves that was previously hidden. The person who reawakens to their spiritual nature experiences feelings of bliss, increased sensitivity and the shock of seeing aspects of their own shadow. The trans-formative process involves some degree of therapy or a therapeutic cathartic examination, this can be formally or informally through self examination and through sharing the new realizations with friends. The early encounters with that which we had suppressed is upsetting, shocking and traumatic. However it is not exclusively terrible because simultaneously to this challenging process we start to feel more alive than ever before. Healing is undertaken, acceptance is sought and in so doing a new level of consciousness is awaken and the self, the world and all existence is seen and experienced as a new place. Reality becomes greatly expanded and in so doing we care more about more of life, even though self interest is still strong, we become more sensitive to the effects of our actions, gain more empathy and feel good about life itself. This whole process has been mapped quite thoroughly, we all go through definable stages of development each with their own value system and perspective on reality.

 The individual stages of development are in fact, in a general sense the stages of development of the whole human species. Well now we are going through a wholesale shift on a species level, we as a species are at the early stages of this awakening and transformation. To this end we as a species have to enter into a therapeutic process and examine the shadow of our society. It is becoming increasingly important for more people to take part in the social therapeutic process and this is uncomfortable, because it means looking at some very unpleasant truths. Again we need to remind ourselves this is what happens to us all in our individual development. In the process of awakening we find that we made agreements with our self in the past, that enabled us to act in a manner that is now deemed incredibly selfish, we performed acts that hurt others, exploited others, we used people and we took advantage. In the shadow of the psyche we unconsciously suppress certain truths in order to take compete unhindered in the tough external world. With maturity we accept that was a necessary inadvertent agreement we had to make with ourselves in order to survive and flourish at that level of consciousness. This is acceptance, this love, unconditional love accepting that life is complex. God is love, because God loves it all, God loves it all! God is all, that is a love we are no where near evolved enough to embody. The scale of the shadow on the collective level is something all together more shocking than on an individual level, for we have made agreements with those who are serving, leading, creating the context for society. We have unconsciously agreed to allow incredible inequities, cruelties, destruction, slaughter and evil to take place in our collective name. We were not conscious enough in the past that this is what we were doing, we believed that war had to be fought in order to preserve our good life, we believed that people with vast wealth were great examples of the reward that is given to those who work hard enough to provide services for society, we believed that governments were doing the best they could, we believed that corporations were held in check by the fair and honest competition of the market place. We believed that governments were elected by the people and were attempting to do the best for the country.

 All of this sounds quite quaint doesn't it?

 Are we ready to be the truth we want to see in the world, are we ready to be love? Well let us get a little real about what that means. It does not mean avoiding the unpleasant truths of our situation that we have inherited from our past. There is no excuse anymore for any awakened adult to ignore the fact that, 1/ we are in the midst of an enormous change, 2/ we have to look at the shadow of our society, 3/ we have unconsciously made agreements with those in power that they could lie to us, manipulate us, conspire against us in order to gain power and provide us with entertainment, a theatre for our experience, not just through cinema or television but through news and documentaries. We agreed to it, because it served us, it created a structure, a context for our reality. Well now that structure has become too inhibitive, too small, we are attempting to grow, this means facing the collective shadow the social demons that we put in place. We have to accept responsibility as a species that we have allowed this to be and that is okay because we knew no better.

 Fine, but now it is time to purge ourselves as a society. Spirituality brings us in touch with the transcendental beauty, majesty and awe of spirit, the unlimited nature of existence, creation, its intelligence and overall benevolence, to realize this evokes an extraordinary bliss. That is eternal and infinite. However although that truth is always available it does not enable us to avoid the transformation of the immediate reality. Look at us all as individuals, even if we are spiritual we all have our shit to deal with. We are entering a period with tremendous opportunity and equally tremendous challenges, the world is being shaken and now is the time to wake up and look at the world with a deeply inquiring gaze. The system is on the edge of falling apart, it has become corrupted, this is organic, this is what happens when something has come to a completion, it rots. We have to accept that the world has no choice but to change and the message of mainstream society is that large Corporations can lead that change, through the good that results from market forces, really? Really, do you really believe that? Where is the power, is it in the market place? I would suggest to you that we can not find the problem on the surface we have to look into the unconscious as you would in therapy, into the shadow. The shadow is the past. The collective unconscious contains all manner of occult, pagan and animistic archetypes. The past is being revealed in this therapeutic process, ancient occult archetypes are surfacing, are being exposed. Look all around you, your video games, your television, your films. The world has been in a materialistic dream for less than one hundred years, for most of the time we have been connected to existence in a way that we experienced it as truly living, primal and full of spirits. We need to look into the collective unconscious, the shadow all around us now being exposed,that which stays in our unconscious controls us, the light of awareness illuminates and dispels the darkness.

 The London Olympics opening ceremony is an occult ritual, it will be magnificent, spectacular and it will probably hypnotize you with its drama and pageantry. I urge you to recognize that this ceremony is a highly organized ritual, that has been protected and nurtured with millions of pounds. The Olympics have been set up to benefit those in power, all the money is being directed from the public purse to the Corporate purse.

 These games is not for the people, they are for the benefit of the power elite and that elite is motivated by power and they at their root are secretly religious, occult driven and is an expression of an ancient dark past. Look at the Olympics with this in mind and you will see it for yourself. following on from the shooting....

Sneak preview of opening ceremony complete with Batman optical effect at 40 seconds here

The default timeline, the unconscious or dark fate is encoded with apocalyptic potentialities. The evolutionary impulse is to shift consciousness enough to change the timeline in the duration of the whole Uranus square Pluto which is active from now until 2015. I believe humanity will do this. However the dark script that accompanies the default timeline is surfacing and in fact has to surface. The collective unconscious scripts always surface during times of fundamental change. The questions are, how bad does it have to get before enough of the species consciousness wakes up, what is the tipping point of awakening that can nudge social values towards a more egalitarian and benevolent future? The new moon is the seed point for the cycle and the Batman film was deliberately released worldwide with the new moon. The film primes the collective with the associative ideas of terrorist+anarchy on streets+military protection+sports stadium+nuclear threat+dark knight as saviour after being disgraced. Blane the terrorist sets off explosive charges underground which has an impact on the sport stadium and he threatens to take over the whole city and topple the governing force. Anarchy is on the streets. Batman was disgraced eight year earlier, he was wrongly accused of a crime, this is an associative suggestion that the Dark Cabal were disgraced 11 years earlier with 9-11 by conspiracy research. In this film the identity of Batman is revealed to several people, this is a reference to the fact that the conspiracy research has lifted the veil on the secret cabal. Batman is welcomed back into the city as saviour and rids the city of the nuclear bomb. You can make up some stories yourself from this associative thread. One such possibility is that a nuke will be discovered and disarmed by the heroic army thwarting the Syrian/Iranian terrorists. There could even be a bomb in an underground station and the thwarted nuke, or no nuke, the nuclear connection being linked to 'desired' outcome from Middle East During the games, the war in the Middle East could well kick off. Whilst the Moon was still conjunct the Sun, there is a massacre in a screening of dark knight, this blood sacrifice then anchors the film in real life and helps establish the primed psychological seed, it helps form a bridge between fantasy and real life. The blood sacrifice also anchors the energy on the new moon on a spiritual level. Furthermore is fuels the call for gun control in America, which ordinarily is a good idea, but now it is being pushed because of upcoming totalitarianism. Thanks to a friend for pointing out the legal aspect of all this pre-advertsised symbology Acquiescence here The first quarter of the Moon cycle is on the 26th July at 8.57 GMT the day before the Olympics, we should be attentive. The Full Moon is on August 2nd, this does not necessarily mean the main play will have happened, whatever that is, but the way script has unfolded will be totally apparent if we are indeed attentive. The end result required in war in the Middle East and a disempowered public, using the Olympics occultly and as a distraction/validation for end game. But now I have to let go off it all, have faith in the powers for good to lessen any intended mayhem...

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