Friday, 15 May 2009

Arousing the Heart

The Triple Conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron

Three big waves of energy are seeding the collective ocean of consciousness this year, so grease your boards and swim on out. We will be riding the first wave on 23 May with our Global Activation Day for the Reality Activists.

The Astro Data
The planets Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron form a conjunction, in Aquarius, on 28 May 2009 (exact conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, Chiron within a few minutes); then again on 10 July and 21 December 2009. This event also coincides with the completion of Neptune’s first orbit since its discovery in 1846.

So what is this energy? Let’s first look at the components which are effectively dancing around each other throughout 2009.

Neptune in Aquarius
Here are some buzz terms for Neptune in Aquarius: Group bonding on different scales, ideology, humanitarianism, idealism, dissolution of boundaries, illusion, love is in the air, spiritualizing, equalizing, new age, group soul, merging of ideas.

Adding Jupiter into the Mix

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, enquiry, adventuring, questing, searching, optimism and abundance. President Barack Obama has Jupiter in Aquarius; so do I, by the way.

Jupiter in Aquarius can be bombastically positive (who me?), espousing a new forward-looking idealism that can incorporate techno-futurism.

The energy of the Jupiter–Neptune conjunction really highlights the progressive nature of Aquarius—the visionary and the Utopian.

The downside of the Jupiter–Neptune conjunction is its transient dreaminess; the deceptive nature of dreams as they fail to fully deliver. However, dreaming lead us beyond where we were, even if its promise is an exaggeration. The truly negative approach to this energy, though, is to play safe, to stay cynical and closed—and then wait to sneer—thereby missing the experience, nourishment and euphoric celebration that enriches and nourishes soulfulness, consciousness, faith, love and compassion.

All sorts of emotions and ideals sweep through a community and through the planet, so we have to ride the waves with some discernment. But hey, don’t get out of the water—that would be like being around in the mid-1960s and missing the party, man!

Now Let’s Add Chiron to the Mix
What really amps up the energy is Chiron’s presence.

Chiron is the integrator—the great attractor that pulls everything together; analogous to the new consciousness of our whole planet waking up to itself as an entity travelling through space (Turquoise Chiron Enchantment). Chiron is the interconnection between all things, and yet is also the crack between those things that lets in the light and keeps the whole system growing, flowing and connecting beyond itself. It is Earth connecting to an ET community.

On a more immediate level, and more pertinent to us now, Chiron creates interconnection within the whole, within society and between different paradigms, mindsets and cultures. Chiron, a planetary body discovered in 1977, rules what Matt Mason, author of The Pirate’s Dilemma, calls ‘the remix’ (the year 1977 saw the birth of punk rock and the growth of hip hop culture).

Chiron also rules the reclaiming of that which has been left behind or disavowed from each of us or from society. Chiron is the maverick and the forgotten, the creatively discordant, the anarchic liberator. Chiron rules ‘the intersection’, as it is termed in The Medici Effect (Frans Johansson). The surfboard–skateboard fusion culture also springs from around 1977 (see the documentary Dogtown & Z-Boys. This film is so punk, so much fun; it must be one of the best documentaries ever. See it for free on Google video or on Now here’s a quote from the film, from surf shop owner Craig Stecyk in 1975, which speaks directly to a Reality Activist: “Two hundred years of American technology has unwittingly created a massive cement playground of unlimited potential. But it was the mind of 11-year olds that could see that potential.”

Chiron, in the mix of the triple conjunction, also speaks of creating a rainbow bridge between the 20th-century ‘real world’, ruled by economics, politics and mainstream-media-mythology-led market forces and the 21st-century online cyber-culture community.

Putting It All Together
So on one hand, we could have a strengthening of online interconnection; on the other hand, it may be dislocated and alienated from the ‘real world’. However, the dominant impulse of this triple conjunction is an awakening of human interconnected energy fields, including a greater occurrence of intersubjectivity, heart-based rapture or telepathy, intoxicating viral marketing, free open source memes, collective emotions and the odd alien-based religious cult.

The triple conjunction—which is the beginning of a cyclical unfolding over the next 13 to 25 years—also encourages a surging of interfaith religion towards a global spiritual platform, ultimately by around 2025. It further suggests a convergence of hope and vision from multiple paradigms under a spiritual umbrella that creates a Utopian drive in humanity. This could bring futuristic technological aspiration and global communication under the domain of a nonsectarian spirituality.

The challenge—or the way the energy is seeking to unfold, with our help and conscious reinforcement—is to go beyond the real world as it stands and to create heavenly firmaments and filaments, gold, pearls, radiance and a lustre of collective abundance, joy, fun, humour and even some outrageous intoxicating promise … and then see if this can be woven back into the real world, so that as much of the treasure as possible benevolently enriches and mutates the system.

With the energy of this conjunction, any safe-bet over-pragmatism is a guaranteed losing hand; whereas the winning hand will have a straight flush of zany exploration.

Humanity needs vision. Humanity needs Utopian vistas so that the adventure continues…

Astro-nerdia for the discerning analyst who wants to follow the energy wave that we are surfing: The Triple Conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron

Neptune was discovered on 24 September 1846, at just under 26 degrees of Aquarius (it was conjunct Saturn at the time).

Neptune returned to the same point in the Zodiac—which means it has completed its first orbit since discovery—in early April 2009 and it will do a final pass over the same degree in February 2010 (it got to 24 degrees of Aquarius in May 2008, before retrograding, so we saw the early vibrations coming in then).

Jupiter passes over this same point in the Zodiac (just under 26 degrees Aquarius) on 19 May 2009, with a final pass on 29 December 2009.

Chiron moves around this Neptune discovery point during most of May 2009 and makes its final pass over this same point in December 2010.

Jupiter and Neptune move into an exact conjunction—in other words, share exactly the same placement—on 28 May 2009, after which there is a retrograde conjunction, on 10 July 2009, and then a final direct-motion meeting on the Winter Solstice, 21 December 2009, exactly three years before ‘the end of time’ in the Mayan calendar.

Chiron will come very close to Jupiter and Neptune during all three conjunctions, effectively creating the triple conjunction.

In astrological terms, the ‘triple conjunction’ means that Jupiter and Neptune will conjunct three times in one year; however, this triple conjunction is a triple conjunction of planets as well.


  1. Ahoy there ship mate,

    I really enjoy your astrological analysis and interpretation and thought the above was a very FINE piece of writing. Liked it a lot. My own Neptune is conjunct my moon in Scorpio, on the ascendant – which is going to be squaring the Neptune transit (isn’t it?). So. Wow. How exciting – I guess I’ll have the potential to really `lose it’.. ?

    I so agree with your themes of Dissolution of Boundaries, and Illusion. I was listening to the podcast a couple of days ago and their theme was `whatever happened to the counter culture of 90s’ - and the conclusion seemed to be that it’s now almost impossible to actually `counter the culture’, as the extent of the interweb is such that we are ALL contributing to the consensus reality, and are ALL able to define what that reality means to us as individuals. i.e. We pick and choose what we want to watch, what we want to listen to, what we want to read, what ideas we want to explore. A nice example used was when was the last time you actually knew what the Top 10 in the music charts, or even what number 1 is. There used to be a huge collective focus on this sort of stuff and now it just washes by not noticed at all unless the individual chooses to take note.

    I was involved in what I believe to be was the last of the really big counter culture `yoof’ movements, the UK rave culture. I now thinks it’s no longer possible for the generation which followed on from us to do anything which will actually shock. What could you do? Punk? Hippy? Raver? It’s all been done before. When I was raving I thought the scene was going to be bigger than the 60s - and actually I DO think it was bigger, in that more people were involved - but it had less of an impact because the collective attitudes to the 80s were much better equipped to deal with the new vibe of the 90s than the 50s were able to deal with the 60s. It was just less shocking. And as we have moved forward the ability to integrate has grown exponentially until we hardly even feel the next wave of evolutionary experience, beyond acknowledging the improvements in technology which makes access to our collective fugue more easily accessible and portable. And, as with cultural boundaries, I think we are also seeing the dissolution of National boundaries. Ever night I log onto my generic games console I’m interacting in an artificially constructed reality and interact with other gamers across the World (well, western world anyway). And these constructs only get more detailed, more realistic, more immersive.

    Anyway, I’m rambling on.

    Great article. Keep up the good work.



  2. great comment, I wonder how would you summarize the effects of UK summer of love, 88,89 and rave culture in general?
    I know we have the nature of the music, ecstacy, the anarchic element of huge ''ilegal'' outdoor gatherings, clothes, fractals...but tell me Brightest as someone who was involved with it directly can you say what its lasting contribution is/was...I for one do believe there is one....any thoughts?