Saturday, 2 May 2009

We Live in the Earth The subject of my talk today at Phusikoi

We live in the Earth not on it
The body is in the soul rather than the soul is in the body
Our body is within our consciousness
Our brain and its chemistry are in our consciousness.
Our movements and our physical experience take place within consciousness
To know the truth of reality on any scale of existence we must see the whole before the parts.
The whole of something is reflected in its energy field
It is the energy between our hands that can give us access to all energy fields.

All of this is true from a slowly emerging new and higher level of consciousness.

This list above is basically what I will be speaking about today at Phusikoi, that and the practice that gave me this awareness.

Life is an Enchantment when it is experienced from a certain level of reality. Although I will not have time today to talk about the actual levels, the certain level I am talking about is a developmental level I call the Chiron Turquoise Enchantment—which is a higher level of awareness than that which emphasizes the objectivity of our five senses and our rational mind.
The emphasis changes, the priority in understanding any system is to see the whole then the parts.
What systems am I talking about?
Here is a holarchy of systems that make up your life experience.

Body tissue
Your organs such as the heart
Your endocrine system
Your whole body

So we can see that the first three are all parts of the body, but the best healing of the body has to be holistic, seeing the body as a whole system.
This is a holarchy because each part is complete unto itself it is a whole, but also it a part of a bigger whole. Reality is made of holons. Holons are whole unto themselves and yet parts of something bigger.

Okay let us continue on up a bit
Your friends
Your local community
Your nation
The whole human species
The whole world and everything of Earth

Each of these is a chaotic system, they might appear random but the new open scientific perspectives understand that each scale of reality has an inherent self organizing intelligence.
As our awareness grows we start to recognize that the totality of each scale of our relationship has a unified quality or flavour, it is a whole with its own inherent intelligence. We recognize a resonance between our friends or our nation which differs somewhat from other people.

We also recognize a similarity between all humans; we all look pretty much the same as compared to the little green men from Mars or the Greys from Zeta Reticulum for that matter.

The next jump in understanding is to realize that the Earth is not merely its physical globe, but comprises its whole energy field, which incorporates the electro magnetic fields as well as other subtle levels.
The Earths consciousness is a field of energy or the Earths field of energy is a direct reflection of its consciousness.
The human species is a unified consciousness and field of energy that exists within the Earths consciousness, which means to a certain extent we are a product from within our planets consciousness.

The awareness of this level of reality—Life’s Enchanting nature—therefore recognizes the symbiosis and unity of subjective and objective reality, but emphasizes the priority of the subjective—consciousness. That does not mean that the parts can not have huge impacts on the whole, highly motivated individuals can instigate revolutions for good or bad in our society. Systems work on feedback.

The implications of this are enormous and suggest a totally new science that is more akin to metaphysics than science as we understand it today. The irony is that the new age movement is fairly cognizant of totality consciousness, energy fields, resonance and such like— albeit in a rather unrefined manner at present. The challenge of a globally interconnected world is to understand its totality, which eventually requires an integration of technology and all human endeavour’s with ecology in our understanding.

Totality awareness on any scale of existence is accessed through that levels energy field, which is not so much about quantum physics more about the relationship of parts and the whole quality—the whole energy reflects its total consciousness.

If we approach systems from parts only perspective we can understand the mechanics of the system but that does not tell us, or more importantly give us a direct experience of that system.

What I discovered is that through a sustained daily practice of playing, manipulating and being open to spontaneity as directed by ones energy or chi you can access the scale of consciousness, the energy field that is resonant with the Earth as a totality.

I leave you with this…technology is co-created with us and born from within the mind of our planet...

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(picture by Matt Bailey)


  1. I wonder about the levels in the holistic body there:
    IMHO the other species in my local community are more relevant to me than my nation. Certainly the organisms that live in my house are more important parts of my greater life form that say, humans in Paris.

  2. Thanks Daniel

    you have highlighted where I need to define further, refine and elaborate...I will utilize your insights into constructing the next piece