Thursday, 6 October 2016

NOW is the Time

A general spiritual axiom is that the time is now (presence) and now is the time (a call to action). 

These variants on the NOW meme speak to being present in the moment and secondly not delaying in following your dreams and passions.

However what I am suggesting is that from a social perspective within linear time, NOW is the time.

Since 2012 the world, the global social situation has been in a holding pattern, that holding pattern is rapidly being released. The last few years we have experienced a tension due to extreme energy changes within the Earth’s energy field. These energy changes account for the fundamental weirdness of the natural environment and from a physical perspective this is due to the influx of highly charged cosmic energy (a plasma-electro-magnetic amalgam). These energy changes have resulted in an emotional tension throughout global society held within a containment. That containment is now dissolving.

What does this mean for YOU. It means that now is the time to follow and implement your inspired ideas and subtle impulses. This action requires faith and courage and such action is generally down to a minority of people. The action could be called innovation, but this word has largely been attributed to technology and marketing, but I am speaking of innovation in consciousness.

An innovation of consciousness involves a greater integration of what is normally thought of as separate paradigms or endeavours, different spiritual and creative modalities or approaches. Innovation is the creation of something new based on finding the interface and cross pollination from things previously believed separate.

If not NOW, when?

The key to this is your own inspiration, and daring to believe it has value. The world has changed and is now waiting for you to step up and express that idea or impulse that you have been holding in the alchemical fulcrum of your psyche.

For my part this action is manifesting in our new centre opening this weekend. For those of you who can attend I think you will feel and sense what I am talking about in this teaser article directly from our new space and from talking to us.

Now, if you are ready to say something or do something new within the consciousness field, then we want to hear from you, because we may be able to offer you a platform. Secondly if you need help in developing your project or unfolding the idea, no matter how vague then speak to me.

See you at the weekend between 1pm and 7pm in Sheung Wan, on the 11th floor of 222 Des Voeux Road.

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