Monday, 3 October 2016

My New New Project in Hong Kong

Having spent 11 years working from home and in the hills of this glorious island, it is quite a change  for me to be involved in a new centre.

I am one of 5 partners, and we work really well together. The project is fun, stimulating and driven by passion.

The centre is in Sheung Wan and we are opening this weekend, 8 and 9 October (1pm to 7pm). This is an invitation event for people to see the new space and to feel the new energy.

I know NEW is generally overused, but I am confident in saying that there is nowhere else quite like it...

There has been a shift in energy; a door has opened and opportunities have presented themselves to many people I know.

So, it is time, NOW is the time. Now is the time to not hold back and to go forward.

We are not holding back....

 at our centre, a place for explorations in consciousness....

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