Saturday, 8 October 2016

Can I Help You?

Are you needing change your life?

Is it the right time for you?

Have you been suffering from inertia?
Are you sitting on, holding back some inspired feeling and ideas?
Has the heaviness of the world become a weight in your subconscious, a wall that blocks your action?
Do you need to leave your job, follow through with that passion? Move home or just refresh your life and feel engaged again.

I can relate, although I have been constantly developing my projects over the last 11 year, I had sort of retreated into a cave, just enjoying my time on Lamma Island, doing my shamanic practices, seeing clients mostly on Skype, running some workshops and talks...but holding back from Hong Kong

Now I am involved with four others in opening a new consciousness centre in Sheung Wan, HK, I am reminded of another side of me, much more involved and engaged with society. It is the right time for me and I honour the different cycles of activity.

 I am asking you to feel into yourself and see if another chapter is beginning for you?

 There are quite a lot of centres in Hong Kong and they are good, but I never really fitted, I never felt that the centres suited me.

 I wanted to do more, express things without what I perceived to be inhibitions and needed a space and consciousness that felt...a bit funky, creative, innovative...more diverse

So I quitely got in my own thing and people came to Lamma, it was good but part of me was feeling a mild sense of frustration that the big city over the water was there and I was not.

Now thanks to the opportunity afforded to me by my friends and colleagues who share a vision, I have a new chapter and it is amazing how right it feels.

If you want my help, in change, if the time is right, then I offer a series of consultations either on Skype internationally or in person in Sheung Wan specifically concerned with the process of life change. It is my specialty when working with clients one on one.

I you first need to look at timing, then I will look at your chart and give you the timeline for change. I enter nto your world and see things from your perspective with the aid of the map of the astrology chart and understanding of the different realities we all live in.
I am all booked up for two weeks, but can schedule something in with you and get a feel of what might be right for, before that.

email me on

or drop in over the weekend Saturday or Sunday anytime bewteen 1 and 7 pm at 11F, 222 Des Vouex Road (opposite Wing On) Sheung Wan  and just check out the new centre...You will see the name and the decor and feel the new approach!

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