Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Science was born from Alchemy, the search for the prima-materia was derived from Atlantean knowledge.

Science is still trying to find the prima-materia through atom smashing.

The doorway to prima materia is the valance shell or valence electron, especially apparent in transition metals.

The on-off oscillation of matter is the door opening and closing to the prima-materia.

The base substance of matter is allied to the ground of consciousness and is not so much to be found 'inside' the particulate, but is accessed via the 'outside' of the atom.

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  1. Rich Schulman "Laurence Dr. Wilhelm Reich has discovered it. Called Orgone."
    You might be right Rich, maybe? I received this from guidance yesterday, I am staying open at this point to what exactly the prima materia really it allied to orgone and aether, and plasma, I think the differences between these substances and their inter-related connectionedness are the basis for a new science that is a way off...?