Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Alchemical Transformation of the Human Experience

Humanity Is Choosing a Path

The Earth and the world of humankind are presently in an alchemical pressure cooker and we are reaching a pivotal juncture in this transmutation of our reality. The discomfort of everyday life is apparent to anyone who is even mildly awake; we are without doubt in the midst of a mutation of the human experience. In this pressure cooker environment, your creative will and your faith in life are far more potent than logic or rational analysis.

Now is the time to bring in the light. Now is the time to push forward with any creative and innovative projects that you have been considering. If you have been inspired by such an impulse, then develop it now.  By ‘innovative’, I mean the merging of two or more different paradigms of endeavour to create a new product or concept. Anyone who has been nurturing the idea of a social platform that makes any form of consciousness exploration more accessible should push forward with it. The time is now. 

Do It, Despite the Pressure.

It is hard – nigh on impossible – to keep your life balanced within the intense but creative flux state we are experiencing. However, the evolutionary imperative of our day is for creative innovation. The energy flow is erratic and volatile, with high-octane potency. 

We all have to maintain our lives, but the need for the new outweighs any attempt to stand still. It is either regression or progression for our species. I suggest that our deep intentionality can tilt this fecund force quite dramatically. The challenge is to keep coming back to your centre. Get back up and reinstate any benevolent, abundant and creative impetus you have.

The human species is coming to a proverbial fork in the road. For the last few years, I have been holding a vision that at some point during the year 2016, we will collectively make an essential choice of which path to take at this major crossroads.

The Indicators of this Fundamental Choice

As I see it, the indicators that we are on the brink of making this fundamental choice are as follows:
1. The completion of the galactic alignment of the 2012 era, which started around 1980 and finishes in 2016. This appears to be the most relevant of the big-picture astrological factors in relation to the Mayan Long Count Calendar (see the work of John Major Jenkins; here and elsewhere online). The Winter Solstice Sun has been forming a conjunction with the galactic equator since 1980—this is an astrological artefact that expresses the high-energy cosmic influx, including plasma, that has been flooding the Earth’s energy field.

2. The completion of the Uranus square with Pluto, which to the astrological community is the sociological indicator of the 2012 era. The last exact Uranus–Pluto square will take place on 17/18 March this year [2015], this being the prime moment of the aspect. The two planets will be in a final square, with a one-degree orb of influence, in January and February 2016, after which events will play out in the global socio-political arena. 

3.  The creative tension that is building in the world’s environment of consciousness—in all domains of society, including economic, political and cultural. This is affecting every individual in unique and personal ways. The global culture is clearly in transition. The socio-economic system is decaying and what is emerging is a new developmental level of consciousness that changes values, psychology, sociology, metaphysics, economics, politics and everyday human experience. What form that will take is up to us all. As individuals, we are each required to tap into our own psyches and to follow the creative impulse that is trying to be heard.

5. The flux state of the natural environment. The term ‘global warming’ is totally inadequate to describe this, but most people are aware that the environment is changing, one way or another. We could simply say that nature is behaving weirdly and the whole energy field of Earth is in a systemic transformation. Remember: We live within that energy field. [We live in the Earth, not on the Earth.]

6. The Voyager spacecraft’s imminent arrival in a zone of space where interstellar energy creates a counter-rotating spin in the fabric of space–time. The Voyager is the furthest-reaching vehicle we have sent out into space so far and it is representative of our species. Launched in 1977 (Chiron’s discovery year), it carries a record of our species, as well as our location in space. Humanity has sent an artefact into deep space—this can be thought of as an act of magic, an evocative transmission. The Voyager has pierced, or is about to pierce, the solar system’s boundary and will be received into a realm where the interstellar field merges with the solar field.

Choosing the Timeline

Elsewhere, I have written extensively about the 2012 effect, aka the Mayan ‘end date’. For many people, the passing of the 2012 Winter Solstice pushed the Mayan Calendar out of their consideration. 

As someone who has studied and used the Mayan Calendar for over two decades, I find this to be short-sighted. The Long Count Calendar, from which the ‘end date’ derives, measures cycles of time in units of 5,125 years—this is allied to Precession, which is five of these cycles, or approximately 25,625 years.

Having the perspective of such an enormous evolutionary cycle, with its accompanying evolutionary changes, requires us to reference a far larger time frame than a single day in our calendar, or even a single year. The entire alchemical transition is far more likely to take place over two to three decades, but the contextual trajectory of the emerging evolutionary cultural change will be decided over the course of the next year or so. 

In short, we are deciding upon a major timeline in the fabric of time–space. My feeling is that the July 2016 conjunction of Jupiter with the Moon’s North Node, in a trine with Pluto, is also a significant factor in regard to the changing of the timeline.

It is time to consider our life from an expanded perspective that embraces larger time frames and larger spatial considerations, as well as offering us a more complex connectivity. We each, in our own small way, now have the opportunity to help move our society towards the more benevolent, abundant and progressive.

Over the last 15 years, I have been weaving all these points—and a lot more besides—into a developmental map of reality that I call the Enchantments of Life. This is particularly relevant for anyone who feels a sense of mission. My website provides an introduction to my thesis.

I have known Laurence for around twenty years and consider myself privileged to have watched how his work has developed over that time. I can still honestly say that he is the most exciting astrologically based teacher I have yet discovered; his views are far reaching and comprehensive, his vision for humanity’s future is far-sighted to say the least. His comments are always very timely for me and once again he has not disappointed.  
Annee Madeleine
Annee Madeleine Mannall
Stroumbi, Cyprus

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