Saturday, 14 March 2015


As we develop beyond the mainstream and idealistic new age perspectives we encounter the existential truth. The existential truth, that comes with an existential crisis of consciousness is not that of the overly nihilistic position, it is not that we are all alone and adrift in a random accidental cosmos. It is that we are interconnected to everything and therefore eventually come to understand and experience the consequences of all actions. Everything has a price that is inherent within the moment that you evoke or act in any way. The traditional mystic sought to escape Karma and Karma in reality is instant, it is not a response as such, but is just the energy that is evoked simultaneously, and which we are not conscious of in the moment.

The way forward? So it is we then approach life with more sobriety, yet stay open to follow some of the excitement, bliss and continue to engage with the unfolding drama of life. The existential crisis, once accepted, is then just part of the emerging terrain and we are freer to adjust and to navigate to the swirls of energies that pull us and push us. Control and surrender are now utilized a little more consciously and life itself is its own reward, potentially giving us the opportunity to enjoy vocation with a mutable purpose and human connection in each moment… and with less fixtures of expectation than ever before. 

Not attached to happiness, excitement and joy, life can be more enjoyable, when we approach it in terms of personal satisfaction.

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