Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Just Another Month of Your Life? Or Would YOU Like to Do Something Effective...

Empower the self, namely by connecting to the frequencies of time and space, in order to navigate the changing terrain of reality. I am very proud to be presenting my course in England 

Claim Your Power: Own Your Time and Space

Starting April 14th, four days after the new moon. The new moon should bring in some better weather!

The course involves a commitment of four weekends, but think about it, will much change for you in another month in the present environment, or will you actually start to make a positive change....

 What is Going On Out There?


The obvious fragility of mainstream consensual society and all of our official bodies and structures are all indicative of the fact that we are in the midst of an evolutionary transformation. Governments and Corporations are clearly not able to function for the common good; they are presently largely inept, corrupt and flailing. Being in England right now the extent of organizational malfunction is really being brought home to me. We have to engage with that which is emerging, outside of the frequency field of the media and the collective anxiety it fuels. The evolutionary transformation, which is bigger than the industrial revolution, is a long drawn out complex process. The social environment is not conductive to progressive ideas as it is inevitably, in effect, in a regressive state due to the change. The old systems must fail in order for energy to be released for the new landscape to emerge.

Crisis comes before regeneration.

However the individual who has had enough of listening to the rhetoric of austerity and deprivation need not wait for something to change. The changed environment to come will involve amongst other things more localized unofficial community efforts, for growing food, creating alternative currencies, looking after the general welfare, reclamation of land and houses that are presently just being held and not used as well as more effective internet based media that circumnavigates the centralized controls.

The egalitarian impulse will emerge, as enough people fully register the fact that the Governing forces are not even trying to help people.

For the collective energy to be a force for good there has to be a percentage of people who empowered through their ability to connect to the fundamental energy that is present in the Earth’s field right now, it is a very high energy. This may seem a somewhat contradictory statement when we look at the low and gross energy output within the dominant bankrupt construct. This is because there is a wall of thought between the cosmic influx in the planetary organism and the materialistic experience. The wall of thought is a structure of denial and misinformation. Earth is being highly energized by interstellar plasma from the outside, which accounts for the fact that the whole Solar System is going through climate instability, or electro-magnetic flux. Our weather is also being mucked about with by geo-engineering, chemtrails and HAARP. Although this is very disturbing, as it is an artificial attack on life on Earth and a frequency control on consciousness, the forces of the cosmos and the force of the totality of human consciousness is far greater than this agenda of control. If we connect to the frequencies beyond the ‘artificial matrix’ then a considerable amount of the problem will dissipate.

I have designed this course with the changing environment very much in mind, and I have been studying the evolutionary process, social and individual evolutionary, psychological and sociological models together with the 2012 effect for over twenty years. My causal inspiration has been primarily drawn from shamanic and energetic connection, direct connection to the Earth as a living field of energy and consciousness.

The demarcation and measurement of time and space is fundamental to consciousness and the keys are readily available. The course will teach you how to create your own habits and practices that enable you to directly connect, be enabled, understand and experience the energy that is unfolding on a day by day basis.

I am now looking to help people do things for themselves, this is not everyone, it is for those who do want to wait for change, they want to be the change.

This course is extremely good value, six workshops with homework and two handbooks, there is a lot of work that has gone into the birth of this course, so I am unashamedly promoting it as being very good value

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